history of USA

  • 1350

    1350 - Black Death

    In Europe in 1350 there was fleas that bit rats and then bit humuns and got badly sick. There is no cure or medesin.
  • 1480

    1480 - Ottoman Empire

    In China they made silk close, perfume, and spices .Rome walk or ride horses all the way to China to get silk close, perfume, and spices to. They traded and they got silk close, perfume, spices, and gems.
  • 1488

    1488 - Dias

    in 4188 Portugal was trying to get to the Indies they failed. They dident want to thour Afarca. they went to the botum of Aferca and stoped because every one was sick and over welomd so they tard awaud and went back home.
  • 1492

    1492 - Columbus

    In 1492 Columbus that he was in the indies but he was in Amarica. Columbus fouwd gold. So Columbus said ''wear in the Indies'' and ever sents we were cauld the Indeins.
  • 1498

    1498 - da Gama

    In 1498 there was a guy named da Gama he was the first guy whow made it to the Indies. He was the one whow made ''Finders Keepers''.
  • 1499

    1499 - Vespucci

    In 1499 Vespucci was folwing Columbus then went little bit more shoth and reallisd he was not in the Indes. He was trying to get perfume, silk close, and spices but he and Columbus found a new land.
  • 1507

    1507 - Amerigo Vespucci/America

    In 1507 Amerigo Vespucci found a ''new land'' and called America.
  • 1513

    1513 - Ponce De Leon

    In 1513 Ponce De Leon was trying to tack his rout.
  • 1535

    1535 - Cartier

    In 1535 Cartier was foloing all of the guys but his one rout.
  • 1550

    1550 - Native impact

    In 1550 the black death was not exierd to America so ween the guys picked up and tuched all of thous things the Americans got sick.
  • 1565

    1565 - st. Augustine

    In 1565 Spain thot other people were going to get the space
  • 1585 - English Attempt colony at Roanoke

    in 1585 Spain was in Florida down low, France was in Michigan up abave. So England went in the middle.
  • 1587 - Roanoke again

    in 1587 Jon white went to Spain to the Queen she was happy to see him because they were at war. so Jon White landed on Roanoke they were home and all kind of staf no one was there. there was no trace or s
  • 1607 - Jamestown

    In 1607 people went down with 20 ships. Came back with 200 people. Then a cupel munts they basicly all died they were only 20 people left. and ween it was winter people where wating ween people step out side they shot them. They were so hungry that they ate there pet, snakes, rats, and ded bodys in graves John Rolfe illegaly had tabacco seeds.
  • 1609 - Hudson

    In 1609
  • 1620 - Plmouth

    In 1620 Pilgrams was the may flower. The may flower was trying to find there whay home but
  • 1681 - Pennsylvania

  • 1682 - European claims

    In 1682 the countries of England, France, and Spain are the main countries of claiming landed in a new land. Spain to the south,
  • 1732 - Georgia

    In 1732
  • 1754 - French Indian War

    In 1754 Ingland and the natives they are enimes the king and queen of Ingland
  • 1763 - Proclamation Line

    In 1763 if you lived in Ingland and went over the mountens and found the BEST LAND EVER. The king said ''you need to get back her I promest the nativs if the French wins''.
  • 1764 - The Sugar Act

    So I think you know adout surgar. In 1764 surgar was the sweetener. ween ever you bring any thing sweet you had to pay taxes .It's because the king.
  • 1765 - Stamp Act

    In 1765 if you bot some thing
  • 1765 - Quartering act

    In 1765 the law was if there was people
  • 1767 - Townshead Act

    In 1767
  • 1768 - British occupy Boston

    In 1768
  • 1770 - Boston Massacre

    ln 1770 March 5 a protest against the presence of British troops in Boston turned violent. Men came to the colonists and killed 5 people.
  • 1773 - Tea Act

    In 1773 so the king said '' ok there are no more taxes but you have to pay taxes on tea''. And every one got mad. I mean mad!!
  • 1773 - Boston Tea Party

    In 1773 the colonest went on a ship and they buys tea then they throuw all the tea in the water because they were so mad. SO MAD.
  • 1774 - Contilental Congress

    In 1774 'SOLIDARITY'.
  • 1775 - Lexington and Concord [ march ]

    In 1775 900 British soldiers are fihgting the colinest. but the British have won in Aisha, afrca, Alstralia, Eurupe, and south Amrica but not North Amarica and the Artic. But they are begining to fghit in Nouth Amarica.
  • 1775 - 2nd Continental Congress [ may ]

    In 1775
  • 1776 - Declaration of Independence

  • 1783 - Treaty of Paris

  • 1781 - Revolutionary War

    In 1781 Frans and Spain where helping the colinest.
  • 1787 - Constitution

    In 1787
  • 1789 - Constitution is ratified

    In 1789 All the states agree to the Constitution and it is final.
  • 1789 - First Presidential election

    All of you shloud know about Goarge Wasington. In 1789