History of Tsai Eng-meng step into Taiwan's media

  • Want Want Company founded

  • Want Want started its business in Mainland China

  • Tsai Eng-meng brought China Times Group

    Want Want China Times Group founded
  • Washington Post interview Tsai Eng-meng

    Tsai said Journalists are free to criticize but need to think carefully before they write and avoid insults that cause offense.
  • NCC conditional acceptance with the deal between Tsai and China Network System

  • Taiwan's university students started to protest Want Want

  • Jimmy Lai decided to sale Next Media's Taiwan operation

  • Tsai started to buy Next Media

  • Taiwan Youth Union of Anti-Mediamonopoly set up

  • NCC blocked the deal between Want Want and China Network System

  • Taiwan Fair Trade Commission allow the deal between Next Media and Tsai Eng-meng

  • NCC release the new anti-monopoly law (draft)