History of Transportation

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    horse is a really old transport and in 770 horse shoe is invented so many people use horse as a common
  • Nov 13, 1480

    leornado di vinci

    leornado di vinci
    leornado di vinci made many drawing of flying machine and he was the first person that went on a flying machine that could fly.
  • Sep 14, 1500


    submarines is a underwater ship it a really good invention because you can see what is in the ocean and know we know what kind of fish there is in the ocean.
  • bus

    blaise pascal made the first public bus and a calculator and he is a genuis boy in the age of 12
  • Automobile

    in that year they use a kind of engine to power the vchicle and it now support the cars in 2011
  • hot air ballon

    hot air ballon
    the first hot air ballon is created by the mongolfier brother
  • steam boats

    steam boats
    the steam boat is really helpful tool because it can help people go over sea and go to places they never went
  • motorcycle

    the first motorcycle was created in america using a engine to power the vehicle
  • Bicycle

    it was created in germany the name is running machine it a really old style of bicycle and now change it to a cool way of byicle in the future
  • Ferdinand von Zeppelin

    	Ferdinand von Zeppelin
    it is a rigid airship and it also went in to the world war 1 before but one time it kill many people in one crash
  • helicopter

    the first helicoper was made in1907 but it didn't realy stay in the air but in 1940 leornado da vinci made the ornithopter flying machine and made people inspired
  • hover craft

    hover craft
    people say that the hover craft is a most successful invention in 20 century and inside have cat food tin and really simple stuff that made a really cool transportation.
  • spaces shuttle

    spaces shuttle
    it was a really hard made transportation and it can go to places that people never could and it help earth to know more about the solar system
  • Wheel on cart

    Wheel on cart
    this transport have help us a lot and many transport also got wheel on it!!!!1
  • cars&airplane&trains

    now in 2011 we most of the time we use cars&airplane&trains and these are the most common transportation and it easy to go to places
  • river boat

    river boat
    the first boat was drawn out of a rock in egyptian and it was made out of animal skin and clay now most of the boat are made out of wood
  • wheel barrow

    wheel barrow
    now wheel barrow are use in factory and stuff and it now help people to move rocks or stuff easier
  • teloporter

    i think late in the future there will be a teleporter in every country so we don't need ariplane to go to somewhere else and it easier to travel places