History Of Toys

  • Lionel Trains

    lionel train historyJoshua lionel fitted a small moter unender a model flatcar. Then, Joshua put it on a track and it worked.
  • The Pogo Stick

    pogo stick infomationGeorge Hansburg was walking down the road and met a girl named pogo. She wanted to pray at the temple but had no shoes so George made her a jumping stick.
  • Veiw master

    view master historyVeiw master was a succsess to the tereograph. You looked at pictures through a glass and it looked like they were right in front of you.
  • Yahtzee

    yahtzee historyA wealthy canadian couple made a yahgt game. All of their freinds wanted a copy. They agreed to sell it and eventualy, it was named yahtzee.
  • G.I. Joe

    history of G.I. JoeTo give boys something to play with like barbies, Hasbro created a military doll. They made him an astronaught, a scuba diver, e.t.c to get him more attention.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    info on teenage mutant ninja turtlesKevin Eastman drew a ninja turtle with a mask as a joke and Peter Laird drew more of them. It caught on and they drew more comics and made toys
  • Giga pets

    info on giga petsTiger electronics built a series of virtual pets and called them Giga pets. Giga pets included a koala, a baby trex, and a chimp. Many more were added later.
  • nintendo ds

    info on the nintendo dsThis handheld gaming system was an invention of nintendo. Newer versions of the ds are now made such as the 3ds.
  • ipod touch

    info on the ipod touchIn 2007, apple released the first genoration of the ipod touch. It played music, videos, games, and it could search the web.
  • bop it smash

    info on bop it smashHasbro gaming created bop it as a fun way to test your reflexes.
    In bop it smash you have to stop a light at the exact right time to score points.