History of the World

  • 180

    Pax Romana

    Advancements during this time like literature, Arts and architectue. THis is important because people were safe, wealthy, and most importantly had cultural advancments.
  • 235

    3rd centry crisis

    There were aggresive barbarians, ruled by rival armies (civil war). Economic depression. Importanct because if this didnt happen they wouldnt be here today.
  • 235

    3rd centry crisis

    they were aggresive barbarians, ruled by rival armies. Important because things are going terrible, obviously.
  • 284


    He is the son of a former slave, he becoms a imperial bodyguard and two emperors mysteriously die. THis is important because he is the first to realize that Rome is too big and has too many problems to be ruled by one man.
  • 293

    Diocletian splits the Empire

    He created a tetrarchy and divides up Rome, because he thinks the Roman Empire it too big and has too many problems for one man to handle successfully. This is important because it is divided into two separate kingdoms and never re-unites
  • 305

    Diocletian and Maximian

    IN 305 Diocletian and Maximian willfully steo down from power. It is important they do it willfully and no problems are caused.
  • 306

    New rulers after Constantius dies

    Galerius promotes Servus to Augustus, but the army wants Constantine, Constantius's son to be Augustus. The important because this leads to bigger problems.
  • 306

    Constantius dies

    Constantius does in 306, this is important because this is about one year after he becomes top ruler.
  • 312

    Constantine Converts Rome

    Converts his religion to the rest of Rome. THis is important because Christianity replaces culture of Rome.
  • 321


    He creates the Maurya Dynasty. HE is important because he had a well organized bureaucracy.
  • 324

    Constantine movies the capital

    He moves the capital because he doesnt like where it is located and he doesnt think it is a good enough capital. This is important because it took many years to rebuild.
  • 356

    Alexander the Great

    Takes over Phillip Empire at age 20 and prepares army to conquer Persia. IMportant because he rolls past Persia and Bablyon and never lost a battle.
  • 359

    Philllip II

    He had one dream to conquers the South. Important because he eventually conquers all of Greece.
  • 378

    Siege of Adrianople

    Batlle between the Goths and the Romans and the Goths won. This is important because of how defeated the Roman Empire was.
  • 410

    Arlic destroys Rome

    Alaric becomes with the Visilights and attacked Rome and then again the next year. THis is important because this attack lasted for three days and they took many people including Honorousis half sister Galla Pacidia
  • 429


    Had direct democracy citizens run the day to day affairs of the government.
  • 431

    Peloponnesian War

    Sparta lays siege on Athens, plague wipes out the city, IMportant becaues with the help of Persian Sparta conquers Athens.
  • 460


    He has an economic exellence he creates the Direct Democracy. Important because citizens run the day to day affairs of the government.
  • 468


    Unites the frankish tribes into on kingdom. Important because converts the frankish to christianty
  • 476


    Forces Romulus to adicate his throne. IMportaant because decalares himself king of italy in
  • 493

    theodoric the great

    Sets up sophisticated law system , re estabishes peace in italy. IMportant because he conquers italyn in 493
  • 509

    Roman Republic

    The romans overthrow their Etruscan ruler. 500 years, people choose officials, prevent one individual from gaining to much power. Important because they have an organized way of life.
  • Nov 13, 800

    Where did the Romans come from?

    Descendents of the Latin people. Settled in Italy around 800 BC
    Important because they were populated by Greeks, Etruscans, and Carthaginians.
  • Jan 16, 1066

    William the Bastard

    He conquered England on Christmas day 1066. Important because he used a good battle tactic pretended to flee, turned around and killed pursuers, and ran away again.
  • Jan 16, 1095

    Pope Urban Speech

    Pope is persuading to join the crusades. IMportant because it started crusades promised heaven, insults muslims, and praised pope.
  • Jan 16, 1096

    Slaughter of Jews

    Crusaders are murdering European Jews. Important because shows crusaders blood thirst previews the crusaders future actions
  • Jul 16, 1098

    Siege of Antioch

    Crusaders camping planning attack on Antioch. Importanct because almosted ended the crusade from stavation and struggling to survive
  • Jan 16, 1099

    ENd of the Crusade

    Trying to pick ruler of Jerusalem dragging corpses out of the city. Importanct because crusaders ignore pope shows lack of respect for non christians
  • Nov 13, 1250

    The Legend

    Greeks sail to Troy led by achilles they battle for ten years. Important because they sent a horse filled with people to burn down the city of troy.
  • Nov 13, 1300


    Conquered all of the Greece mainland and the MInoans of Crete. They are important becaues they conquered southern Greece.
  • Oct 28, 1400

    MInoans dissapeear

    Minoan civilzation dissappears/vanishes. Important because we dont know if it was a volcano, earthquake, or they were incvaded.
  • Jan 16, 1412

    Joan of Arc

    Born a peasant in NW France she had visions an lead her own battles. Important beacause she was aggresive led troops into battle with banner and she was victorious.
  • Minoans

    Civilaztion based on trade and not on conquest. Important because named after Minos, the "legendary" King of Crete.
  • Rise of christain belief

    Romans conquer Judea. Important because it excused jews from worshipping roman gods
  • Rise of the Christian Religion

    Romans conquer Judea. Important because it excused the jews from worshiping Roman gods.
  • Hammurabi

    Hammuarabi brings most of Mesopotamia under his control. He is important because he was the first to have a codified civil and criminal law
  • Nebuchanezzar

    Nebuchadnezzar created an empire that stretches from the Persain Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. Important because he had two wonders the hanging gardens and the walls of babylon
  • Hatshepsut

    The first female ruler in world history ruled from 1472 to 1458 BC. Important because she was the first female ruler in world history
  • Akhenaton

    Orders Egyptian society to abandon the worship of all the gods and goddesses of than Aton. Important because he was most disliked of most egyptian rulers
  • Abraham

    Abraham makes covenant with god. Important because he is considered the father of the Israelites.
  • Neolithic Revolution

    Humans transfered from being nomads to famers. Important because they had villages, new technology, and leads to the civilization of man kind
  • Sumerians

    Sumerians had the earliest form of writing called cuneiform. Important because they studied astronomy, mathmatics, and created the "hour"
  • Indus civilization

    Covered the most amount of land until Sargon. Important because they were the first to have had plumming and sewers.
  • Thutmose III

    He was the step-son of Hatshepsut. Important because he strectched egypts borders to its furthest extent.
  • Council of Nicaea

    They constructed a creed of christian beliefs. Its important because they decided the date of easter.
  • Romulus Augustus

    He had the last western roman empire. Important because He was 16 years old when he is disposed.
  • Franks rise to power

    They rise to power in 468. Important because ferocious warriors who unite with the catholic church
  • Battle of tours

    it was a battle between franks vs umayyad caliphate, franks win. IMportant because preserves europe
  • Socrates

    Passed days in square asking people about their beliefs. Important because he used the socratic method poses a series of questions to student challenge them to examine their answer.
  • Plato

    He distrusted democracy rejects Athenian democracy writes the republic. Important because he thinks the state should protect the best interest of people in three classes workers, soldiers, and philosphers
  • Sargon

    Sargon was the ruler of Akkad he invaded and conquered Sumeria. Important because he built the worlds first known empire.