Wilson racket

History of the Tennis Racquet

  • Jan 1, 1400

    Racquets introduced

    Between the 15th and 16th centuries, the first tennis racquets were introduced.
  • Split up

    Split up
    The previous version of tennis, Jeu de Paume, splits up into many different versions in the 18th and 19th centuries. This includes Rackets and Field Tennis.
  • RULES!

    Major Walter C. Wingfield comes up with and patents both the equipment and rules of an outdoor lawn tennis. This is seen by many to be the first version of the tennis we play today.
  • Metal Racquets

    Metal Racquets
    The first of the metal racquets are made, but really don't become popular.
  • Olympics

    The Olympic games was held in Athens, Greece. With that being said, this year was the first Olympics with Lawn Tennis being played!
  • Wilson's racquet

    Wilson's racquet
    Wilson's T200 racquet was the first widely used metal frame racquet. (Racquet shown in picture on the far left)
  • Weed USA

    In 1975, Weed USA came out with the first oversized head racquets. These heads wer 50% bigger than their predecessors. Unfortunately, they were very expensive and therefore didn't catch much attention.
  • One-Up'd

    Howard Head releases both versions of their oversized head racquets, the Prince Classic and Prince Pro. They were more affordable than Weed USA's brand, so they did very well and became much more popular.
  • Wilson's breakthrough

    In 1987, Wilson introduced their widebody racquets. The heads 39 mm in the middle, This doubled the size of the previous racquets. Stiffness and weight wasn't changed much, keeping this a very evenly-balanced racquet.