History of the NBA

  • The Start of It All

    On June 6th 1946 the nba was created. The name wasnt always National Basketball Association, no back when it was created its name was Basketball Association of America(BAA). The league then adopted the name National Basketball Association(NBA).
  • The First Game

    The very first game in the nba was the New York Knickerbockers vs the Toronto Huskies. The game took place in Toronto at Maple Leaf Gardens.
  • The First of Many

    On this day the Lakers won their first championship agianst the Washington Capitols. The Lakers werent apart of Los Angeles at this time. They were in Minneapolis.
  • Bill Russell+Boston Celtics=11 Championships

    Bill Russell taken 2nd overall in the 56 draft by the Celtics
  • Legend being born

    The 1959 draft was held on December 2nd, 1958 or atleast for Wilt Chamberlin. In this draft he was taken by the Philadelphia Warriors with the Territorial pick.
  • Night of History

    On this night Wilt Chamberlain made history by droping 100 points in a single game. He was apart of the Philadelphia Warriors and they beat the New York Knicks 169-147.
  • Reed Inspires Knicks to Victory

    The center for the New York Knicks Willis Reed was sideline for game 7 of the 70s finals. In the first four games against the Lakers he scored 37, 29, 38, and 23. Due to a torn muscle in his leg he wasnt sure if he could play. At 7:34pm he limped on the court and somehow beat Chamberlin on the tip and scored the games first two baskets. After he got benched and didn not play, but it didnt matter he inspierd the Knics and they ran all over the Lakers 113-99.
  • Believe To Achive 33!

    On this day the Lakers extended their winning streak to 33 after beating the Hawks and set an NBA record for most consecutive wins.
  • Greatest Game Ever

    In game 5 of the 75 finals the Boston Celtics and the Pheonix Suns put aon a great performance and till this day is consider one of the greatest games of all time as these two teams went in to triple over time. The game went to Boston after Glen McDonald hit 6 points in the third overtime to seal the deal 128-126.
  • Magic becomes Magic!

    With the Lakers playing Julius Evring and the 76ers in game 6 of the 1980s finals and Abdul-Jabbar out who do u turn to to lead the team? Rookie Evrin "Magic" Johnson steped up and played and shocked the 76ers by dropping 42 points, grabbing 15 rebouns and dishing out 7 assists and winning his first of 5 NBA championships.
  • Akeem "The Dream"

    In the 1984 draft 7ft Hakeem Olajuwon was drafted by the Houston Rockets out of the University of Houston. This drafted included Chasrles Barkley, John Stockton, and the one and only Michael Jordan. Hakeem is a 2 time NBA finals champion and was the MVP for both finals. He retired in 2002 with the Toronto Raptors and was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 2008. To this day he holds the all time NBA record in blocks with 3,830.
  • Michael Jordan Drops in Draft

    In the 84 draft the Houston Rockets had the number one pick. You would think that we would draft Michael Jordan but no Houston got Hakeem. Portland had the number 2 pick in that draft but took somebody who wasnt a big factor. With the 3rd pick in the draft the Chicago Bulls drafted MJ and welll the rest is histtory. Was it a bone head move by Portland and Houston? Houston won 2 tittles but only because MJ retired. I guess we will never no.
  • The Shot

    Michael Joradn of the 1989 playoffs hit a buzzer beater in game 5 against Cleveland to send them to the NBA finals.
  • The announcement

    On this day NBA fans got some sad news as they found out one legend. Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV posotive and retired from pro basketball.
  • The Dream Team

    In the summer of 92 the NBA sent the best players in the league to represent the United States in the olympics. This team had Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and many more!!!!! They were called The Dream Team.
  • Houston We Have A Championship

    In the 1995 finals and no Michael Joradn in sight, Houston went in to the playoffs with the 11th best record in the NBA and as the 6th seed. Houston would roll past the first 3 rounds with these records. 3-2, 4-3, and 4-2 and will meet the Orlando Magic in the finals. Houston would sweep Orlando and bring home its first NBA finals in franchise historty.