History of the lightbulb

  • Thomas Edison was born

    Thomas Edison was born
    sourceThomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan Ohio he was the seventh child of Samuel and Nancy Edison
  • Edison starts to become deaf

    Edison starts to become deaf
    Thomas Edison becomes deaf.
  • Thomas Edison recives patent

    Thomas Edison recives patent
    sourceThomas Edison received a patent for the lightbulb.
  • Thomas Edison marries Mary Stilwell

    Thomas Edison marries Mary Stilwell
    sourceMary Stilwell was born in Newark, New Jersey on September 6, 1855.
  • Edison moves to Menlo Park

    Edison moves to Menlo Park
    sourceEdison moves to Menlo Park, New Jersey, he built his first ful scale industrial research laboratory combining electrical and chemical laboratories with an experimental machine shop.
  • Envention of lightbulb

    Envention of lightbulb
    source Thomas Edison created a new lamp that used a carbon filament. This light bulb first lasted for about 14 hours, and later improved that to a stunning 40 hours
  • Bamboo filament

    Bamboo filament
    sourceThomas Edison found a bamboo produced that produced a better filament. The improvement made the lamp last 1200 hours
  • Edison hires larger staff

    Edison hires larger staff
    sourceEdison hires a larger staff to help him develop the components of his electric lighting system for commercial use
  • Edison Moves to New York

    Edison Moves to New York
    sourceEdison leaves Menlo Park and opens offices in New York City. He establishes factories to make various parts of the electric light and power system and starts construction of the first permanent central power station.
  • Edicon markets battery

    Edicon markets battery
    Edisourceon markets his storage battery, which is used in a host of commercial application after the market for electric automobiles declines.
  • House holds get power

    House holds get power
    sourceFor the first time, half of all households in the United States have electric power.
  • Thomas Edison died

    Thomas Edison died
    sourceThomas Edison lapsed into a coma on October 14, 1931. He died on October 18, 1931, in West Orange, New Jersey.