History of the Green Party

  • Roots of Green Party

    The Green Party and the Green Movement began in the 1970s. It combined the importance of the environmet and nonviolent anarchism which refuses the single-issue aspect of politics. It was inspired by the many other Green Parties that were held across the world.
  • Greens in the United States

    The Green Party first met in the United States in 1984 in St. Paul, Minnesota. It adopted 10 key values which all greens in the US use to define themselves.
  • Green Meetings

    The first U.S. Green organizing meetings took place in 1984. They led to the formation of national membership organization of the Green locals and individuala called the Green Committes of Correspondance.
  • Green Party Candidate

    During this time, Greens were mainly organized at a state and local level. However, the first Green Party Candidate appeared on the ballot in 1986.
  • First Recognized State as Green

    Jim Sykes ran for governor in Alaska and won about 3% vote. because of this, it was enough to have Alaska recgonized and in 1990, Alaska was the first state tat achieved an official ballot line for the Green Party.
  • Green Party USA

    Arguements about how to use political parties,the Green Party, led to the split of the Green Committees of Correspondance. It was voted to be changed into the Greens/Green Party USA. It had a structure based on dues membership.
  • States that followed

    After Allaska became the first state to have an official ballot line for the Green Party, California did the same. Many other states began to do the same soon after.
  • Presidential Primary-New Mexico

    Although things had been going well for the Green Party over the years, the convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico decided not to launch a presidential primary.
  • Presidential Primary

    Ralph Nader set in motion the Green Party's first Presidential campaign. He announced that he would enter the California primary. He was placed on 22 official ballots with another 23 and officially became a candidate.
  • Nominating Convention

    State Green Parties held their first national Nomination Convention in Los Angeles, California.
  • Association of State Green Parties

    After the elections, many state parties were convinced that they needed an organization that would focus on their needs. The parties requested an organization of this sort and decided to form the Association of State Green Parties. The formation of the ASGP was made by Green activists from 25 states.
  • 1998 Election

    Ralph Nader along with Winona LaDuke supported the Green Party by launching a campaign. Nader endorsed other Green Party candidates. During the election of 1998 he also did a campaign swing through New Mexico and California.
  • Meetings

    After the formation of the ASGP, the Green Party began meeting in several states. They continued the to build on the growth of the Green Party. The next meeting would take place in early June in 1999 in Connecticut.
  • ASGP

    The Association of State Green Parties became the Green Party of the United States.
  • Boston Proposal

    Again in 2000, Nader/LaDuke from the ASGP ran as presidential primary. This time, it proposed the "Boston Proposal" attempting to inculde the "complementay organization". It would focus on the advancing issues of the ASGP.
  • ASGP-Green Party

    Formally known as the ASGP, in 2001 it was changed to the Green Party and was formed. Its goal was to help exisiting parties grow and promote their information.
  • National

    The Green Party filed for national status with the FEC.
  • New Nomminee

    Ralph Nader was never a registered Green. He split with the Green Party and decided to run as an independent. David Cobb was the nominated as the presidential primary for the Green Party
  • Registered

    Over the many years the Green Party became more famous and increasingly popluar. By 2005 305,000 people were registered as Green Party members.
  • Those elected

    The more the Green Party became well-known the more people were elected from the Green Party. By 2012 there were 136 elected members of the Green Party.