History of the English Bible

  • Jan 1, 1382

    John Wycliffe and his Bible

    His translation came from the Latin Vulgate rather than from the original Hebrew or Greek. His Bible went through two editions; one in 1382 and the second in 1395.
    Significance: It was the first Bible to be completely translated into English. It indirectly caused the breakdown of the power structures in the Roman Catholic Church. All copies were handwritten.
  • Jan 1, 1525

    William Tyndale and his New Testament

    Tyndale's translation was primarily based off of the Greek text. Heavily influenced the KJV.
    Significance: The first English New Testament made after the age of printing and derived from a Greek text.
  • Jan 1, 1535

    Coverdale Bible

    First fully complete English translation of the Bible. Made by Tyndale's assisstant. Derived primarily from German and Tyndale's translations.
  • Jan 1, 1537

    Matthew's Bible

    The work of John Rogers. He combined Coverdale's Old Testament with Tyndale's New Testament. Added about 2000 notes to the New Testament. Bible also known as the "wife-beaters" Bible.
  • Jan 1, 1539

    The Great Bible

    Called the Great Bible because of its size. Made by Myles Coverdale. He was commissioned to remove the notes made by Matthew.
  • Jan 1, 1560

    The Geneva Bible

    Significance: Was the first Bible to be completely translated from the Greek and Hebrew texts. This was the Bible that the Pilgrims brought over to America with them. It was also the Bible used by Shakespeare. Had enormous influence on the KJV translation of the Bible.
  • Jan 1, 1568

    The Bishop's Bible

    Revised the size of the Great Bible. Was a Bible that could sit in side of the pulpit for easy access. Considered the fourth revision of Tyndale's Bible.
  • King James Version

    Six panels of Scholars to lead the translation. Translated primarily from works already published. Influenced by many translations. Really just a revision of all the translations in existence at the time. Went through at least four revisions and had over 100,000 changes made before finsihed. Different revisions known as; "The vinegar Bible", "The Murderer's Bible," and "The Basketball Bible."
    Significance: Still used widely today in churches around the world.
  • Birth of the Revised KJV

    The fifth major revision of the KJV. Very accurate translation.
  • American Standard Version

    Significantly better English than the Revised Version. Sixth Revision of the KJV.
  • Revised Standard Version

    Work team of 32 scholars. Seventh revision of the KJV. First day of publication, sold 1 million copies.
  • The New American Standard Bible

    Revision of the American Standard Version. A literal translation.
  • New English Bible

    First completely new English Bible since Tyndale. Done by British scholars. Very fresh and readable translation.
  • New International Version

    Over 100 scholars worked on the publication.
    Significance: First major American translation not in the KJV style. Over 100 million sold. #1 bestseller. Highly readable, but hardly elegant.
  • New King James Version

    Much more accurate than original, more problematic as well.
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