History of the Coca-Cola Logo

Timeline created by christinelinh17
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    After John Pemberston founded the formula of the drink. His business partner, Frank Robinson, came up with the name Coca-Cola. He came up with the two Cs because he thought it would look good in adverising.
  • Trademark

    After only one year of being created, Pemberton and Robinson inserted the "trademark registered." They decided to add two words to the tail of the first C. The word in the tail of the C was "trademark registered."
  • Extra Swirls

    Extra Swirls
    After a few years with the word "trademark registered" on the tail, it was removed. For about a year, the Coco-Cola company decided to change the logo completely and add extra swirly fonts. Afterwards, the logo was switched back to the previous font without the swirls.
  • Tail Changed

    Tail Changed
    After changing back to the nonswirly front, the logo was modified again. First off, the words "trade registered" was removed from the logo. The words "trade registered" were considered as a "Reg. US Pat Off."
  • Fish Shape

    Fish Shape
    A few years later after removing the words "trademark registered," the logo went through another change. The ariform or "fishtail" logo was introduced. The color of the logo also changed from the color black to the color red and white.
  • The White Wave

    The White Wave
    The logo changed from being ariform to becoming a red box. The logo was also underlined with a white wave. The white wave was also known as the "Dynamic Ribbon Device."
  • New Coke

    New Coke
    In 1985, Coca-Cola was changed to Coke. It is considered New Coke because it was suppose to be a newer and better taste than before. This logo was also uses the colors as the logos before it.
  • A New Wave

    A New Wave
    In 1987, the famous Coca-Cola wave was modified. In this new logo, the wave includes shades of grey to add depth and value to the wave. This design also includes the word "Coke" below the wave.
  • The Circular Logo

    The Circular Logo
    In the 1990s, the Coca-Cola logo was remade again. This time it was shaped as a circle and included a picture of the bottle behind the name. There are many variations of this logo that include bubbles, while other variations don't.
  • The "Keeeping it Real" Change

    The "Keeeping it Real" Change
    Many years later, the Coca-cola logo was modified again. This was considered the "Coca-Cola...Real" logo. In addition to the white wave that was created in 1969, a yellow wave was added. In this same year, floating bubbles were added to the logo.
  • The Classic Design

    The Classic Design
    Four years after adding the bubbles and the yellow wave, it was removed. The logo once again was modified, this time a simple single white ribbon was used. This logo is similar to the 1969 logo, however, this logo did not include the word "enjoy."
  • 125 Years Celebration

    125 Years Celebration
    In honor of the 125 years that Coca-cola was created, the logo was modified once again. In the new logo, it includes bubbles bursting from the bottle. This logo celebrated the past, present, and future.