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History of the Clarinet Companies

By jspady
  • Buffet clarinet

    Buffet clarinet
    Buffet Crampon began manufacturing musical instruments in 1825 exclusively in France, but has since expanded their business to include. now Buffet Crampon's Greenline clarinets are made from a composite of grenadilla wood powder and carbon fiber.
  • Period: to

    Clarint Companies and Instrument Manufactories

  • Boehm clarinet

    Boehm clarinet
    Boehm clarinet first manufactured.
    4 Jun 1843 The Boehm clarinet includes 17 keys, moveable rings, needle springs, and a wooden body, hence why it is called a "woodwind" instrument.
  • metal clarinet

    metal clarinet
    1927 : Metal clarinet comes out. Grand prize at the International Exhibition of Geneva.
  • Jupiter instrukments

    Jupiter Band Instruments, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Jupiter was established by its Taiwanese parent company KHS in 1980.
  • Stephen Fox (clarinet maker)

    Stephen Fox (clarinet maker)
    one of only a handful of makers of reproduction historical clarinets in the world. In 2006 he introduced the world's first Bohlen-Pierce clarinets.