history of the Australian church

  • first fleet arrives in australia- first catholics

  • First priests arrive in to the colony

  • Governor King that he withdrew Dixon's privileges.1803-1804

  • Period: to

    Governor King that he withdrew Dixon's privileges.

  • census for a population of 10000 catholics

  • approximatley 10 schools in Australia

  • Good Samaritan Sisters, founded by Polding in 1857

  • Sisters of St Joseph, founded in 1866 by Fr Julian Tenison Woods and Mary MacKillop

  • by 1871 the Josephites were running 35 schools

  • Period: to

    between 1872 and 1893 every state passed an educational act removing state aid.

  • By 1880, there were a total of 815 Joesephites sisters

  • 5000 Joesephite sisters by 1880

  • brothers and sisters had to mainstay for 100 years

  • were a boom time for australian catholics

  • Period: to

    Council was made up of the Pope (at first, John XXIII)

  • pope john XXIII Died

  • mass attendant rates have dropped since 1950s