History of Tennis - Raelene

  • Creation of Tennis

    Creation of Tennis
    In 1873, the concept of modern tennis was invented by Major Walter Wingfield.
  • United States Lawn and Tennis Association

    United States Lawn and Tennis Association
    The United States Lawn and Tennis Association was created. THey adhere to the rules of tennis based on scoring, equipment, and court dimensions.
    It is now called the United States Tennis Association (USTA).
  • The First Wimbledon Title

    The First Wimbledon Title
    Suzanne Lenglen, one of the first 'tennis sensations' earned the first Wimbledon Title. She influences tennis to become even more popular.
  • Period: to

    Golden Age of Sports

    Suzanne Lenglen and Bill Tilden became the first US tennis icons. Some say Suzanne was even the best female athlete throughout the 1920s.
  • First Tennis Broadcast

    First Tennis Broadcast
    Tennis was broadcasted over the radio for the first time, introducing tennis all over the world!
  • Maureen Connolly

    Maureen Connolly
    Maureen Connolly was the first woman to win all four Grand Slam tournaments within a single year.
  • First Metal Tennis Racquet

    First Metal Tennis Racquet
    The Wilson metal tennis racquet hit the markets and became increasingly popular due to Jimmy Connors's use of the racquet.
  • ATP Formation

    ATP Formation
    The Association of Tennis Professionals was created to follow the interests of male professional tennis atheletes.
  • Formation of WIPTC

    Formation of WIPTC
    The Women’s International Professional Tennis Council (WIPTC) was formed because many other leagues didn't focus on female players needs.
  • First Tennis Museum

    First Tennis Museum
    Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is the largest tennis museum and very first tennis museum ever created. In 2006, it was opened to the public.