History of Tennessee

  • Three states in one

    Three states in one
    In Tennessee. W>C Handy was involved.it was part of north Carolina later part of the southwest terriotory. They became one state. Was admitted to the union as the 16th state on june 1796
  • Civil War In Nashville Tennessee

    Civil War In Nashville Tennessee
    Happend in 1861-1865 The Union Troops broke through the confederoate line. They freed slaves.
  • St.Patricts Day Snow Storm

    St.Patricts Day Snow Storm
    Nashville Tennessee 1892.Largest snow fall in its history 17 inchs of snow.It was spring when they had the snow.The tempture went to 70 Degress to 40 degress then it snowed.
  • Great Flood

    Great Flood
    Nashville flooded above the flood stage 16.2 feet above.2 people were killed. 10400 were left homeless. Had to drive 110 miles around to save a girl.
  • Arican Amercan Civil rights movenent

    Arican Amercan Civil rights movenent
    W>eB Bois malcolm,Rosa parks and Maten Luther king jr. Was invoved.Blaks were treated bad and seprated from whites.!966 black movement was freedom.
  • U.S.S David R.Ray Decommisioned

    David R.Ray was involed on the ship in 1997. The ship 8,800 tons sprunance-class destroyer was built ingalls ship building in pascogonuia.David enlisted in navy in 1966 and became medical corsman.This happend In Tennessee town of Mc Minnville.