History of special needs education

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  • Arc

    ARC is a program created to support parents that have a child with a disability. It is an active program in all 50 states, and all have their own way of helping.
  • ESE

    Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides federal funds to public education for students with a disability. The funds are used to provide the materials they need to be successful in the classroom or things the parents may not able to provide.

    Handicapped Children's early education assistance act provides support to children with disabilities and their families. I t was one of the first laws that focused on all children with any disabilities.
  • Rehabilitation Act

    Rehabilitation Act
    This ensures that children's and adult with a disability gets the right education they need. This also protects the children who are not able to get services through IDEA. It also enforces the proper resources the school needs so that it meets the student requirement, and also gets parents involved. https://study.com/academy/lesson/rehabilitation-act-section-504-accommodations-regulations.html#lesson
  • EHA

    Education of all Handicap children was passed so that all children that have a disability are able to receive a free and proper education. it is also the act that created Fape. Fape is when the parent of the student or other family members does not need to pay for any services the child may receive such as therapy, speech, even their lunch.
  • Board of education of Hendrick Hudson central school District vs Rowley

    Board of education of Hendrick Hudson central school District vs Rowley
    Board of education of Hendrick Hudson central school District vs Rowley. Stated any students who qualify for special education programs must be provided with individualized instruction to meet their specific needs.
  • American with disability act

    American with disability act
    This act anyone with disability employment.it also helps public services such as transportation. Also, public schools must have signed in different areas.
  • IDEA

    This act is broken into six laws that help individualized education. Idea offers free resources to children. It also allows parents to be present at all of the child's meetings.
  • NCLB

    with this act, schools were held accountable for the students academic. With that, there was more technical assistance. there were also loan programs to help the schools that needed special needs education resources.