History of Special ED

  • American school for the Deaf

    American school for the Deaf
    The American School for the Death was the very first school for children with exceptionalities in the U.S. Founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet in Hartford Connecticut. More info can be found through this link https://www.asd-1817.org/about/history--cogswell-heritage-house
  • Association of Instructors of the Blind

    Association of Instructors of the Blind
    The Association of Instructors of the Blind was the first association of blindness professionals in the U.S. The programs now offer comprehensive education to the visually and hearing impaired.
  • Beattie v. Board of Education

    Beattie v. Board of Education
    A student who was special needs was expelled from school for drooling and displaying facial abnormalities. The teachers and students were nauseated by his conditions. The Wisconsin supreme court ruled that officials could exclude students with disabilities.
  • Section 504

    Section 504
    Section 504 is designed to protect students with disabilities in programs that receive financial assistance. In order to be eligible for 504 the students must have a disability that limits a major life function. Many of the programs include public school districts and local education agencies.
  • Least Restrictive Environment

    Least Restrictive Environment
    Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) means that it's required for students with disability to receive the highest level of education possible. The goal is to get the students in a classroom with nondisabled peers. special ED children are not allowed to be removed from regular classes unless they receive assistance.
  • Handicapped Children Protections Act

    Handicapped Children Protections Act
    Ronald Reagan signed this law to give the parents of handicapped children the ability to give input in there Childs education plan. It also provides funds to children with disabilities. More information could be found https://www.congress.gov/bill/99th-congress/house-bill/1523
  • Americans with Disabilities Act

    Americans with Disabilities Act
    President George W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act to promise that individuals with special needs will receive the same rights as all Americans. This act protects them against discrimination at school, work, and other professional institutions. People with special needs also cannot be discriminated against in public transportation.
  • IDEA

    The individuals with Disabilities Education Act was signed by Geaorge W. Bush. This law contains 4 sections. It provides students with disabilities a free public education tailored to their needs. https://youtu.be/3XMndYNEGFA
  • No Child left Behind

    No Child left Behind
    The No Child left behind act was also signed by George Bush. This law says that all students should be proficient in math and reading by 2014. Some schools since then have been reported falsifying scores. It expands the role of standardized testing.
  • IDEA reathurized

    IDEA reathurized
    The reauthorization of IDEA has added many changes. These changes include IEP and student discipline.