History of Social Networks

  • Email

    On this day the first email was sent. Two computers that were next to each other, one sent the email to the other.
  • Usenet

    A worldwide discussion network for people to post thoughts and articles and comment on each others. It was created by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. It is still something that is on the web today. (info from
  • Period: to

    Social networking history

  • AOL instent messenger

    AOL instent messenger
    It was the first instant messenger program that allowed friends to keep in touch and chat over IM. It was a quick and easy way to have a conversation. It allowed for away messages, status', profiles, and even having an icon to describe yourself.
  • Facebook

    Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites right now. It has lasted 7 years now and is still getting bigger and bigger. It was created by Mark Zuckerburg in his college dorm. (infor from
  • Myspace

    Tom Anderson is the creater of this website. It is a social network website that allowed for pictures to be added and shared and also allowed for friends to chat with one another. It has different layouts to make it more your own and your style along with music that you can add to your page. (info from