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History of Social Media

  • Plato system

    Plato system
    An early form of social media. Allows for online interactions
  • Talkomatic is invented

    Talkomatic is invented
    First online chatroom
  • FidoNet is invented

    FidoNet is invented
    Bulletin Board System that allows people to exchange email in North America and later internationally
  • launches launches
    Bolt was the first social networking and video website
  • SixDegrees launches

    SixDegrees launches
    One of the first true social media sites where you could set up a profile page and get connectione
  • Open Diary launches

    Open Diary launches
    first social blogging network. Invented reader comments and friends-only
  • SixDegrees purchased

    SixDegrees purchased
    Purchased by YouthStream Media Network for $125 million
  • Yahoo! and MSN messenger launch

    Yahoo! and MSN messenger launch
    two incredibly popular instant messaging services
  • Hot or Not launch

    Hot or Not launch
    website where people rated others based on an image and decided if the person was hot or not
  • SixDegrees defunction

    SixDegrees defunction
    The social media site is shut down
  • Friendster launches

    Friendster launches
    Social Networking and gaming website became really popular in Asia and the Pacific Islands
  • Linkedin launches

    Linkedin launches
    Business-oriented networking services
  • MySpace launches

    MySpace launches
    Website quickly became the go-to site for millions of teens to connect reaching 25 million users in 2005
  • Facebook launches

    Facebook launches
    The most popular social networking service to date
  • Flickr launches

    Flickr launches
    Image and video hosting website launches. Many use it to keep personal photos
  • YouTube launches

    YouTube launches
    Video sharing website launches. start of internet celebrities.
  • Twitter launches

    Twitter launches
    One of the most popular social networking sites worldwide. very popular in Brazil and India
  • Hashtag appears

    Hashtag appears
    symbol that has sparked movements like BLM and MeToo as well as trends like YOLO appears
  • Weibo launches

    Weibo launches
    Social networking website in China. Launched the same year that Facebook and Twitter were banned in the country
  • Farmville appears on facebook

    Farmville appears on facebook
    A popular game where friends and family could invite to join farmville
  • Instagram launches

    Instagram launches
    Photo/video-sharing and social media service launches
  • Facebook goes public

    Facebook goes public
    Facebook negotiates a price of $38 for a share valuing the company at $104 billion
  • Friendster shuts down

    Friendster shuts down
    Friendster shuts down due to the evolving landscape in the industry and lack of engagement
  • Yahoo! discontinues services

    Yahoo! discontinues services
    Yahoo! discontinues services for windows, Mac, Linux. Only support Messenger on Android, IOS, and web clients
  • Snapchat files for IPO

    Snapchat files for IPO
    Begins trading on New York Stock Exchange. the company valued at $33 billion