Social media timeline1

History of Social Media

  • First Message ever sent

    First Message ever sent
    In 1969, at 10:30 pm on October 29, the first message wassent. It was sent by Professer Kleinrock, Charley Kline and at another computer, Bill Duvall. They were setting up a transmitting system but ended up sending a mesage that said "l" and "O" and then the computer crashed.
  • The first Email was delivered

    The first Email was delivered
    The frist E-mail was delivered that was said to have been delivered on August 9th, but that may not be an exact date. Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer sent messages to himself.
  • Tripod is created

    Tripod is created
    Tripod is a site to help collage students with home sickness and a blog and a photo album and it helps make resumes. It is owned by Lycos and created by students.
  • MSN messenger is created

    MSN messenger is created
    It was Instant messaging for people around the world (came in 50 languages). It was created by Microsoft, which was created by Bill Gates. It was irst released as MSN messenger and changed its name to Windows live messenger. It is now discontinued.
  • is founded is founded is founded by Pyra Labs. It started out small and ecame bigger as google bought out blogger. It is meant for people to make special blogs and have a voice in the social networking world.
  • Friends Reunited Created

    Friends Reunited Created
    Friends Reunited is a website to help find dates and find jobs and to help find people who you would like to see again. It was created by a husband and a wife.
  • Friendster was created

    Friendster was created
    Friendster is a place to interact and play games with friends. It was launched on March 22, 2002. There are over 8.2 million active users and it was discovered by Jonathan Abrams.
  • Linkedin is created

    Linkedin is created
    Linkedin is a networking website mainly used for professional networking. It was created by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue and konstantin guericke with over 200 million users.
  • Facebook Created

    Facebook Created
    originally called, "thefacebook", Mark Zuckerberg created the worldwide Social Networking site that is used by over 1 billion active users worldwide. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and the co-founders Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Mcollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes
  • Youtube is created

    Youtube is created
    Youtube is a video sharing website. It was created by 3 former paypal employees and it was sold to google for $1.65 billion US
  • Twitter is created

    Twitter is created
    Twitter is a place to post tweets, post pictures, videos and interact with friends. It was created by Jack Dorsey on March 21st, 2006.
  • Instagram was created

    Instagram was created
    Instagram is a site made for posting pictures and folowing friends. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in 2010.