Daisy dukes

History of Shorts Length -

  • Short Shorts Fad

    Short Shorts Fad
    By the mid-1950s,there became the "short shorts" fad, since Bermuda shorts were considered old, dull, and "fuddy-duddy"
  • Cutoffs or Daisy Dukes

    Cutoffs or Daisy Dukes
    The ultra-short version of jean cut-offs are also known as Daisy Dukes.
  • Addidas Nylon Shorts

    Addidas Nylon Shorts
    Adidas nylon track shorts were a fashion item for some years.
  • Zip Offs

    Zip Offs
    A pair of long pants that zip off at the knee, allowing the wearer to change from pants to shorts as the weather changes
  • Longer Shorts

    Longer Shorts
    People began to wear longer shorts that reached below the knee. These sometimes extend even as far as the calf, as in three quarter pants, making it debatable whether to call them "long shorts" or "short longs". They were popular among young boys and teenagers.