History of Seattle, WA

  • Founded

    Seattle was founded on November 13th, 1851 and is named after A Native American leader, Seattle. It was founded by members of the Denny party link text
  • The Great Seattle Fire

    The Great Seattle Fire
    The worst fire in city history happened on June 6th 1889. John Back was working in a woodworking shop and glue boiled over, caught fire and landed on woodchips and turpentine. He tried to throw water onto it but that spread it more. The fire spead and downtown Seattle burned to the ground. They ended up building the new buildings over the burned down ones. link text
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush
    The Klondike Gold Rush brought people to Seattle on their way to Yukon, AK for the gold rush. Many people went to use the port's and take a ship from Seattle to Alaska. Many people purchased their supplies in the shops in Seattle bringing lots of money in. People lived in Seattle for weeks waiting for a spot on a steamer. In July of 1897 a telegraph came through of a steamer coming to Seattle with lots of gold. link text
  • Internment of Japanese Citizens

    Internment of Japanese Citizens
    Seattle's Japantown was almost half a century old and had Japanese operated hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, barbers and so much more, the community also had doctors and lawyers. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor the Japanese almost 7,000 Japanese residents were taken from their homes and sent to internment camps. link text
  • Microsoft and Amazon

    Microsoft and Amazon
    In 1979 Bill Gates and Paul Allen moved back to the area and brought Microsoft with them. 6 years after that they took Microsoft public and the area of Seattle was booming. In 1994 Jeff Bezo's created Amazon and again a boom was created. The area is now a huge tech community. link text