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History Of Queen

  • Queen is Formed

    Queen is Formed
    In the year of 1970, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, and Brian May play their first gig and call themselves, Queen.
  • John Deacon Signs On

    John Deacon Signs On
    After two previous bass players, John Deacon joins Freddie and his band and will play to this day.
  • Queen Go Big

    Queen Go Big
    Queen signs with EMI Records and released both their debut single, " Keep Yourself Alive" and debut album, "Queen." In additon, they tour along with Matt the Hoopie.
  • Queen Begin to Start Tours

    Queen Begin to Start Tours
    By November of 1974, Queen had already released two more studio albums, "Queen II" and "Sheer Heart Attack." Singles along with the two albums included, "Seven Seas of Rhye" and "Killer Queen." On top, tours began in the UK.
  • Queen Releases Biggest Album Yet!

    Queen Releases Biggest Album Yet!
    After two years, Queen splits with Trident, their original record label, and forms with Elton John's manager, John Reid. They then release their newest album, "A Night at the Opera" and it's new single, "Bohemian Rhapshody." They go on to play at the Christmas Eve concert on BBC 1.
  • Queen is the New Jam

    Queen is the New Jam
    After 8 months of touring, Queen releases their first EP, "A Day at the Races." On the EP feature Queen's single, "Tie Your Mother Down."
  • Queen Releases The Game

    Queen Releases The Game
    After the release of "The Game", Queen goes on tour through the
    US and UK to promote the new album. On the new album feature, "Save Me" and "Another One Bites the Dust."
  • Band Takes a Break

    Band Takes a Break
    After years and years, members take a year off from tour and pursue solo careers. Both Freddie and Brian release albums the same year. Freddie releases, "Mad Man" and Brian releases, "Starfleet" with Eddy Van Halen.
  • Queen's Last Music Video

    Queen's Last Music Video
    As Queen's career was going strong, Freddie called in everyone to shoot a music for, "These Are the Days of Our Lives", a song from their recent album, "Innuedo." Shot in black and white was because of Freddie's condition. The video was emotional for all of the guys. Freddie wore a cat sweater knitted by Brian when they first formed. After he finished the song, he repeated a line from the song, "I still love you" and grinned to the camera.
  • Freddie Passes Away

    Freddie Passes Away
    Only a day after announcing his disease of aids, Freddie Mercury passes away in his home in Kensington. A month later, a memorial concert was held for Freddie. Artists all over peformed songs in his memorium. Freddie's close friend David Bowie, got upon stage and sang, "Heroes." He's a legendary musician who will forever be missed and will go down in history.