History of Prosthetics

By mrr3711
  • Jan 1, 1000

    First Prosthetic

    First Prosthetic
    Researchers found the first prosthetic on an ancient Egyptian noblewoman. It was a prosthetic toe made out of wood and leather.
  • Jan 1, 1512

    Götz von Berlichingen

    Götz von Berlichingen
    Götz" von Berlichingen lost his right are when a cannon went off and forced his sword to go against him. He had a mechanical prosthetic iron replacement made for his arm.
  • Pieter Andriannszoon Verduyn

    In 1696, Pieter Andriannszoon Verduyn created the first non-locking prosthetic for below the knee.
  • Russians and Americans

    In the 1960's, Russians created a functional moving prosthetic hand. Americans create a fully futional prosthetic arm.
  • Educational Learning about Prosthetics

    During the 1980's, and educational campaign teaches personnel at HCFA, CMS, and the department of Veterans Affairs about the importance of orthotic-prosthetics.
  • Knee

    First microprocesser- controlled prosthetic knee
  • Found First Prosthetic Toe

    Found First Prosthetic Toe
    In 2000 researchers found that first prostheic toe. It was made out of wood and leather.
  • AOPA

    AOPA (American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association) changes it's eligibility by laws to include more members in O&P.
  • Cassidy the Dog

    Cassidy the Dog
    He was fgound wandering the streets of new york, under weight and missing a leg. But then was fitted with a prosthetic limb.
  • Prosthetic Dolphin Tail

    Prosthetic Dolphin Tail
    This dolphin lost its tail after getting caught in a crab trap. But in 2007, scientists fitted her with a designed artificial tail.
  • Bald Eagle Gets Bionic Beak

    Bald Eagle Gets Bionic Beak
    Found in 2007, was this bald eagle with a wounded beak. She narrowly escaped a poacher after a bullet shattered her beak. But once she was found, she was fitted with a remarkably life-like prosthetic beak.
  • Chhouk the Elephant

    Chhouk the Elephant
    A bull elephant, now 5 years old, was found in the Cambodian Jungle in 2007, alone and close to death, his front foot mangled by a poachers trap.
  • Tzvika the Turtle

    Tzvika the Turtle
    Tzvika, an injured female turtle, walks with the aid of her newly attached wheels
  • The Stork That Lost its beak

    The Stork That Lost its beak
    The beak, which was created from synthetic resin, may allow the bird to return to life in the wild.
  • Pay de Limon the Dog

    Pay de Limon the Dog
    This dog runs fitted with two front prosthetic legs.
  • Kbuck the Miniature Horse

    Kbuck the Miniature Horse
    A miniature horse was given a 2nd chance for a career as a show horse thanks to his prosthetic eye.
  • Oscar the cat

    Oscar the cat
    In 2009, Oscar had both of his back paws chopped off. But the Prosthetics with made for Oscar. Also, he was the first cat the have bionic feet.
  • Green Sea Turtle

    Green Sea Turtle
    This sea turtle survived a predator attack in 2005 with one remaining flipper.Researchers think it's likely that she lost her three flippers to a shark. For years she could only swim in circles. But in 2009
  • Meadow the Calf

    Meadow the Calf
    Meadow lost her legs to frostbite. This is believed to be the first calf ever fitted with double prosthetics.
  • Hoppa the Dog

    Hoppa the Dog
    TYhis dog was born without his front legs. But most of his problems were solved by a wheeling divice, costom made for Hoppa.
  • Hope the giraffe

    Hope the giraffe
    Hope got born in Topeka Zoo, Kansas, with a hoof deformity, but now, thanks to the help of veterinarians, she is walking normally.
  • Motor-powered Prosthetics

    Motor-powered prosthetics are the newest type of prosthetics. They are also the most developed today. They work well for balance and movement.
  • Chris P. Bacon the Piglet

    Chris P. Bacon the Piglet
    This piglet was born without the use of his hind legs.
  • Buttercup the Duck

    Buttercup the Duck
    Buttercup was born with a deformed nub for a foot. Buttercup was recently fitted with a new custom webbed foot. They printed out the prosthetic and now Buttercup can waddle around like a normal bird.
  • Nakio the Dog

    Nakio the Dog
    Because of the frostbite, they had to remove all four of his paws. Now, he walks around on four prosthetics and is nicknamed “the bionic dog”.