History of Programming Languages

  • Plankalkul

    -Designed by,
    Konrad Zuse
    -The first high-level non-von Neumann programming language designed for a computer
    -Plankalkul is German for, "Plan Calculus"
    -First Released 1948

    -Designed by,
    John Backus
    -Originally developed for scientific and engineering applications
    -Name is derived from, "The IBM Mathematical FORmula TRANslating System"
    -First released 1957

    -Created by a group lead by Charles Katz
    -Designed to be better than FORTRAN
    -First Released 1957
    -MATH-MATIC is just the marketing name for the AT-3
  • Lisp

    -Designed by,
    John McCarthy
    -Name was derived from, "LISt Processing"
    -Originally was a pratical mathematical notation for computer programs and later became a programming language for artificial intelligence
    -First Released 1958
  • RPG

    -Designed by,
    -Was a tool used to replicate punched card processing and later a programming language similar to COBOL
    -RPG stands for Report Program Generator
    -First Released 1959

    -COmmon Business-Oriented Language
    -Designed by,
    Grace Hopper
    William Selden
    Gertrude Tierney
    Howard Bromberg
    Howard Discount
    Vernon Reeves
    Jean E. Sammet
    -First released 1959
    -Used to write programs for businesses.

    -Designed by,
    John George Kemeny
    Thomas Eugene Kurtz
    -First released 1964
    -Initially created to provide computer access to non-science students so that they may write programs for the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System.
    -Acronym was based off of an unpublished paper by Thomas Kurtz
    -The language was free so it would become widespread and also was made available to high schools in the Hanover area of New Hampshire.
  • LOGO

    -A multi-paradigm programming language used in education
    -Designed by,
    Wally Feurzeig
    Seymour Papert
    -Another name for this was Lisp without the parentheses
    -Firt Released 1967
  • B

    -Develped by,
    Ken Thompson
    Dennis Ritchie
    -First released 1969
    -Based mainly off of the programming language BCPL
    -Was made so it could fit within the memory capacity of the minicomputers

    -Designed by,
    Niklaus Wirth
    -Created to encourage good programming practices
    -Named in honor of the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal
    -Firt Released 1970
  • ML

    -Designed by,
    Robin Milner
    -A general-purpose programming language
    -ML is sometimes referred to as impure functional language
    -First Released 1973
  • C

    -Designed by,
    Dennis Ritchie
    -First released 1973
    -Designed for cross-platform programming
    -Named C because its features were derived from B
  • SQL

    -Designed by,
    Donald D. Chamberlin
    Raymond F. Boyce
    -SQL stands for Structured Query Language
    -Made for managing data in relational database management systems
    -First Released 1974
  • C++

    -Designed by,
    Bjarne Stoustrup
    -First released 1983
    -Originally named, "C with Classes" was later changed to C++ which involved a pun towards the increment operator.
    -Started off as an enchancement to C
  • ADA

    -Originally designed by Jean Ichbiah under contract to the United States Department of Defense to surpass the progamming languages they used at the time.
    -Was named Ada after Ada Lovelace
    -High-level computer programming language extended from Pascal and other languages
    -First released 1983
    -Desgined by,
    Jean Ichbiah (Ada 83)
    Tucker Taft (Ada 95 & Ada 2005)
    -Used for development of large software systems
  • Visual Basic

    -Designed by,
    -Made to be easily learned by beginner programmers
    -Visual Basic derives from BASIC
    -First Released 1991
  • Javascript

    -Designed by,
    Brendan Eich
    -First released 1994
    -Was originally named, "Mocha, LiveScript" but then later changed to Javascript
    -Is an open source scripting language
  • Python

    -Designed by,
    Guido van Rossum
    -Design focused on code readability
    -Python is a successor to the ABC programming language
    -First Released 1994
  • PHP

    -Designed by,
    Rasmus Lerdorf
    -An open source server-side scripting language
    -PHP stands for Personal Home Page
    -First Released 1995
  • Java

    -Designed by,
    James Gosling
    Sun Microsystems
    -Named Java because of mass consumption of java caffinated beverages by the language's creator...
    -Originally was created for interactive television, but digital cable couldn't handle that awesomeness
    -First released 1995
  • Delphi

    -Designed by,
    Embarcandero Technologies
    -An integrated development environment for console
    -The name was suggested by Danny Thorpe in reference to the Oracle at Delphi
    -First released 1995