History of Polaroid Instant Cameras

Timeline created by shoemakea
  • Samuel's Instant Camera

    Samuel's Instant Camera
    Samuel Shlafrock invents the first isntant camera with a portable darkroom. However, they never caught on due to their inconvenience and cost.
  • Rollfilm Land Camera

    Rollfilm Land Camera
    Invented by Edwin Land one year after unveiling instant-developing film. Although it wasn't the very first instant camera, it was the first one to be commercially successful and was almost completely automatic.
  • Polaroid Packfilm 100-series Land Camera

    Polaroid Packfilm 100-series Land Camera
    Used the new 100 series of pack film. Instead of two seperate rolls of film, the film was built into an easy loading pack and had 8 exposures. Hard body and plastic models were made to be more cost-effecient than the ones with bellows.
    The shudder had to be manually cocked as well as the focus manually adjusted.
  • 200-and-300-series

    Further advancements including color film, simpler, more effective settings, and higher-quality lenses. The M-series included a built-in countdown timer.
  • 400-series Packfilm Land Camera

    400-series Packfilm Land Camera
    Although generally similar to the 300-series, these had a new flash system that was coupled to the focusing mechanism of the camera.
  • Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera

    Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera
    This model series included various improvements such as interchangeable flashes, an electronic shutter, and auto flash exposure based on focus distance.
    There were many revisions of this camera under different names, such as TimeZero, OneStep, Presto!, Pronto!, Super Clincher, and The Button.
  • Polavision

    A flop of a video-capturing camera. At the time of its arrival, it was much too expensive, the capture quality wasn't that great, and electronic video recording equipment had started to immerge in ametuer filmmaking. Polavision did not record sound, even though Super 8 films with synchronized sound had been around for years beforehand.
  • 600-series Print Cameras

    600-series Print Cameras
    Further improvements to the overrall camera, notably a more refined design, higher quality photographs, and a folding flash.