History of Photography

  • Butchers 122 rollfilm camera

    Butchers Collfilm Camera
    This Carbine was donated in March 2009 in appropriately worn condition, by Mr. J Hallum. In view of its past, restoration was rejected, instead a deep clean and critical repairs only were undertaken
  • Houghton Vest Pocket Ensign, Folding strut braced camera

    Houghton Vest Pocket EnsignMade in folded aluminium, the Houghton- butcher manufacturting co. Ltd, is stamp into the front of the pretty little 127 roll film camera. This particular camera was donated to the collection by Mrs. B. Pope in 1985, it had originally been her Grandfather's.
  • Kodak Retina 2

    Tracing it's ancestry back to the Retina of 1934, the Retina 2 introduced a couple rangefinder initially in 1936 with the type 122, agian produced in the Stuttgart plant. After the end of WW2 production started agian with the type 010 Retina while the Retina 2 family commenced with the 011 seen here.
  • Bolsey B2

    the bolsey B2 was development of the model B incorporating a number of improvenments. Production of the B and B2 models ceased around 1956
  • Kodak Retina la

    The la is amoung the first of the series, wich was popular throught the 1950. Kodak made about 140,000 of this model 1a in Stuttgart , Germany
  • Retina 3 c

    The third series added the coupled selenium meter to the top of camera.The third series is also famous for having interchangeable lenses, you can remove the front element and replace it with telephoto and wide lenses
  • Mamiya 35mm

    Mamiya 35mmMimiya 35mm SLRs are little uncoomon as Mam iya is rather better known for its professional range of issues and was given anepic reluild to get it fully functioning.
  • Zenit E

    Zenit E the Zenit E was churned out in fantastic quantities by the russian krasnogorsk michanical factory , some 3 million- with the entire zenit family topping 12 million apparently the ancestry of this camera can be traced to the FEDI, a Leica 2 rip off, through to the zorki equivalent which was then updated via a few models to emerge as this.
  • KMZ, zenit -xp 35mm SLR camera

    KMZ, Zenit -xp 35mm SLR CameraSeveral million examples later, the Zenit E SLR had evolved into this, hte Zenit 12xP, this example dates from 1987. Way behind modern developments but a search on the net reveals they have their admires.
  • Miox

    Minox Minox have specialized in the diminutive camera market since their beginnings in 1937 and thesedays are owned by Leica, who bought them out in 1994. perhaps most farmed for their subminiature 9.5mm film "spy cameras', Minox also extended the range to include neat folding 35mm cameras.