Snoopy autumngartin

History of Peanuts Show Autumn Gartin

  • Sold Post

    Sold Post
    Sold Post to the cartoons to the Saturday Post.
  • Made By Charles M. Schulz

     Made By Charles  M. Schulz
    In 1950 Charles came up with the Peanut comic strip.
  • It Premiered on T.V.

    It Premiered on T.V.
    The first peanut show that was on T.V. was a Christmas special.
  • Began to focus on Snoopy

    Began to focus on Snoopy
    1960 was when Snoopy became a big thing in the U.S.
  • Hallmark Card

    Hallmark Card
    The Hallmark stores came out with Snoopy cards.
  • Peanuts on Newspaper

    Peanuts on Newspaper
    Peanuts strips were in the newspaper, sales have gone up.
  • More Peanuts Show

    More Peanuts Show
    Came out with more Peanut show for T.V.
  • Final

    The very end of Peanuts strip forever.
  • Death of Charles

    Death of Charles
    Charles died in 2000.