History of Paper

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  • 3,200 BCE

    The beginng of the use of paper

    The beginng of the use of paper
    People wrote on a surface made of silk waste and they used sharpened sticks
  • 3,000 BCE


    It started at the Nile Rive, it was called "Cyprus Papyrus"
  • 2,000 BCE

    Baqiao Paper

    Baqiao Paper
    It is made by marijuana and rabie fiber, it was not good for writting and had a high cost.
  • 100

    Cai Hou Paper

    Cai Hou Paper
    This paper became easier for writting, it is the same paper as now at day but more expensive
  • 1000

    Industry Paper

    Industry Paper
    It was made by recycled cotton and linea, it was cheaper than others, it was easy to fin during the period of the Black Death.
  • Paper Now at Days

    Paper Now at Days
    This paper is made by soft wood or hard wood, it has become a necessity in our lives, and it is cheaper.
  • We are losing the trees

    We are losing the trees
    15.3 thousand million trees are cut every year
  • Intelligent Notebook

    Intelligent Notebook
  • Period:
    3,200 BCE

    History of Paper Usage

    The history of paper waste and how we can eliminate it.