History of Motown

  • Berry Bordy

    Berry Bordy
    Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown records, was born in Detroit, Michigan. He would grow up to be in the military, be a professional boxer, and many other great things before forming Motown.
  • Tamla Records

    Tamla Records
    With the help of an $800 loan from his family, Berry Gordy started his own record company. However, at this time it was Tamla Records.
  • Shop Around

    "Shop Around" by the Miracles became Motown's first number one R&B hit. It was also number two on the pop charts.
  • Please Mr. Postman

    The Marvelettes released Motown's first number one pop hit, "Please Mr. Postman." This would be the first of many for Motown.
  • Stevie Wonder

    Stevie Wonder's album, Old Genius, became Motown's first number one album. Stevie Wonder was only twelve years old at the time.
  • Time Magazine

    The Supremes appeared on the cover of Time Magazine. They were in an article entitled, "Rock'n'Roll: Everybody's Turned On." This was a big breakthrough for Motown.
  • Smokey Robinson Leaves

    Smokey Robinson leaves his group the Miracles. They were one of the original Motown groups, making this a big blow to Motown fans.
  • Gordy's Award

    Berry Gordy recieves an Award of Merit at the second American Music Awards. Many of Motown's greatest appeared, stating how much of an influence Gordy was to them.
  • Marvin Gaye Dies

    Marvin Gaye died after he was shot by his father. He made the cover of the Rolling Stones. Gaye recieved a life-time achievment award in 1996.
  • Gordy Sells Motown

    Berry Gordy sold Motown for $61 million. The headlines called it the "End of an Era."