History of McDonald's

  • McDonald's Bar-B-Q Opens

    McDonald's Bar-B-Q Opens
    Dick and Mac McDonalds open McDonalds Bar-B-Q Resturants on Fourteenth and E Streets in San Bernaridino California. It was a typical dirve in with a large menu.
  • McDonalds Is Founded

    McDonalds Is Founded
    Dick and Mac Mcdonald shut down their resturants for three months for alterations. In decemeber it re opens as a self serivce drive in resturant. The menu is reduced to 9 items
  • French Fries

    French Fries
    French fries replace patatoe chips.
  • New location opens

    New location opens
    Kroc opens his frist McDonalds in Des Plaines Illinos. By 1965 there would be over 700 McDonalds resturants throughout the U,S.
  • 100 Million Sold

    Sells 100 millionth hamburger.
  • 100th Resturant

    100th resturant opens in Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin.
  • First indoor seating

    First indoor seating
    McDonalds in Denver becomes the first resturant with indoor seating.
  • 500th Resturant Opens

    The 500th resturant in Toledo, Ohio
  • 10th Anniversary

    10th anniversary. Offering its first stock at $22.50 per share.
  • McDonalds go international

    The first resturant opens in Puerto Rico
  • Big Mac

    Big Mac
    Big Mac is introduced
  • Breakfast

    McDonalds starts with the egg McMuffin
  • 5,000th Resturant

    Opens in Kanagawa, Japan
  • 30 Anniverary

  • Fresh Salads

    Fresh Salads
    Fresh salads added to the menu
  • Online

    Mcdonalds opens a website
  • Fruit Parfaits

    Fruit Parfaits
  • Real fruit smoothies and Frappes

    Now serving real fruit smoothies and frappes
  • Shamrock Shakes Introduced

    Shamrock Shakes Introduced
  • Reaction/Summary

    Reaction: I learned a lot that i didnt know about McDonalds.
    Summary: McDonalds started small with few items on their menus and expanded their locations and what is on the menu.