History of Mass Media

By lkarola
  • 105

    Invention of paper

  • Nov 13, 1350

    Wycliffe translates bible into english

  • Sep 17, 1450

    Guttenburg invents printing press

  • Puritans land on Plymouth Rock

  • Hobbes publishes Leviathan

  • Locke publishes the Treatises of Government

  • Bradford tried for libel and sedition;not guilty

  • Cato's letters

  • Franklin arrives in Philadelphia

  • Stamp Act

  • Declaration of Independence

  • The Liberator (Abolitionist press) publsihed in Boston by William Lloyd Garrison, editor

  • Nat Turner Rebellion

  • Day publishes The Sun

  • Greeley publishes New York Tribune

  • Morse Telegraph

  • Mexican War

  • • The North(ern) Star, published in Rochester NY ; Frederick Douglass, editor

  • 3 narratives in press: The Abolistionist Press, The Unionist Press, The Seccessionist Press

  • Raymond publishes The New York Daily Times

  • Lincoln is elected president

  • Bell invents Telephone

  • Bell invents telephone

  • Edison's kinetoscope

  • Lumiere brothers premeire first film on large screen

  • American Marconi established

  • Tarbell's history of Standard Oil

  • The Great Train Robbery film

  • American Advertising Federation founded

  • Pure food and drug act

  • Titanic sinks/Radio Act of 1912 starts

  • Period: to

    Woodrow Wilson President

  • Rockefeller hires Ivy Lee after Ludlow Massacre

  • Period: to


  • Griffiths Birth of a Nation

  • Period: to

    The Creel Committee

  • Sedition Act

  • Wallace publishes Readers Digest

  • First commercial radio broadcast

  • Fiery Cross Reading

  • Luce publishes Time

  • Ross publishes The New Yorker

  • Sarnoff establishes NBC

  • Financial crisis, stock market crash

  • Hays Code adopted

  • Roosevelt presents The New Deal

  • Luce publishes Life

  • First FM station

  • Nazis annex Austria

  • Murrow does a live broadcast from Vienna of Hitler's arrival

  • Shell Ad in Life

  • Murrow's See It now programs censored by the senate

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Nixon retires. Blames mass media for losses in presidential and governor election

  • New York Times article published on Kennedy's assasination

  • St. Petersburg Kennedy assassination article published

  • Presidents report published on Kennedy assassination

  • Pentagon papers are released by The New York Times

  • New York Times Milk assassination article

  • Iran Hostage Crisis

  • Harvey Milk book published

  • Grenada: Operation urgent Fury

  • Anniversary article published about Milk in The Day

  • Operation Desert Storm: Iraq

  • Cultural Sociology Journal publshed about Harvey MIlk