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History of Magnlia

By abelteo
  • The first ice-cream in Singapore

    Taking advantage of its ice manufacturing and refrigeration business, Cold Storage moved into the production of ice cream. A small factory had been set up at the Borneo Wharf in 1923 to produce "Paradise" ice cream with the trademark of a Bird of Paradise. The company even hired an "ice cream man" from the country that gave the world the ice cream cone - The United States - to promote the product.
  • The First Dairy Farm in Singapore

    60-acre stretch of forested land along Upper Bukt Timah was purchase by Cold Storage and became the Company's dairy farm
  • The Magnlia brand is born

    The Magnlia brand is born
    A subsidiary company, Cold Storage Creameries Limited, was formed in association with San Miguel of the Philippines and "Magnolia" brand ice-cream was introduced In that year, a deal was made with Senor Soriano, the owner of the San Miguel Brewery and a successful ice cream concern in Manila. The outcome was the formation of the Cold Storage Creameries Ltd, with an an initial capital of $100,000 to which the Philippine company contributed 45 per cent and Cold Storage controlled 55 per cent. Sa
  • The peak quality in every household

    The peak quality in every household
    The pyramid milk is introduced.
  • Competition from Unilever

    Fitzpatricks + Unilever made ice cream in Singapore
  • Incorporation of Magnolia Dairies - Pioneer Status Given

    Magnolia Dairies (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1963 for the purpose of manufacturing recombined sterilised milks. The Company was also granted pioneer status by the SIngapore Government.
  • Opening of the Milk Plant

    Magnolia Dairies (Singapore) Limited new plant opened at Bukit Timah, opened in September by MInister of Finance Dr Goh Keng Swee
  • Birth of the Magnolia Milk Bar

    Launch of butter manufacturing at the Magnolia Dairies complex at Bukit Timah, the first of its kind in Singapore. Magnolia also gave the people of Singapore and Malaysia its well-known soya bean drink. The end of the 1960s also saw the introduction of the Magnolia Milk Bar in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Quality Awarded

    Magnolia first to be awarded quality certificates by the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (now reconstituted as SPRING Singapore)
  • Cordial & Squashes

    CS Creameries Division also started to produce a range of cordial and squashes under the Magnolia brand, thereby enabling the Company to reduce the import of these products
  • CS Creameries Integration with New Zealand Dairy Board - Pandan Loop

    start integration of dairy business with New Zealand Dairy Board with opening of new 28,500 square metre factory at Pandan Loop. CS Cream - capacity of 10,000 tonnes of butter, ghee and mil powder, and over 15 million litres of milk, juices, ice cream, yoghurts, and other beverages a year. "Magnovite" appears, reduced fat calcium enriched milk, and new selection of fruit yoghurts.
  • Last Magnolia Milk Bar Closed

    The Magnolia Snack Bar was the answer to filmgoers who looked to satisfying their taste buds. Serving tasty milkshakes and delicious set lunches, this café has shared the glory of the old cinema. closed.
  • Asia Dairies - Merger of F&N Dairies and Cold Storage Dairies

    Asia Dairies, Singapore's dairy giant, is a major producer of a range of food products. Many of the products are household names in Singapore and the region. This firm has 69 percent of the local ice cream market, 71 percent of the milk market, and 58 percent of the yogurt market. The company has a yearly sales of $110 million. Asia Dairies was formed out of the merger of FN Dairies and Cold Storage Dairies in 1991.
  • Asia Dairies becomes F&N Foods (S) Pte Ltd

  • Magnolia Milk gets new current look

    Magnolia Milk gets new current look
  • Introduction of Smoo milk

    Introduction of Smoo milk
    1st UHT milk with Taurine added in Singapore
  • Introduction of Oat Milk

    Introduction of Oat Milk