Letter writing

History of Letter Writing

  • 500


    The first recorded handwritten letter was by Persian Queen Atossa around 500 BC according to the ancient historian Hellanicus.
  • Period: 500 to

    History of Letter Writing

    The first recorded handwritten letter was by Persian Queen Atossa around 500 BC according to the ancient historian Hellanicus.
  • 550

    Leaves and Trees were good for writing

    Leaves and Trees were good for writing
    The leaves of plants and the bark of trees advanced the use of writing. The linden tree was particularly good allowing the folding of its bark.
  • 575

    Libraries were made

    Libraries were made
    Egyptian papyrus made the ancient libraries of Alexandria and Pergamum. The Roman Emperor Claudius made a new type of cross layered which was not damaged by reed. reed is what they used as a pencil.
  • Mar 15, 600

    More Changing pens

    More Changing pens
    In the fifth century people used goose quill pens. Nobody has changed the “paper”.
  • Mar 15, 1300

    Writing material

    A great advance in writing material came in the 14th century with the invention of paper made with linen rags. Pencils made from a lead composite became a common use in the 14th century.
  • Letter transportations

    In 1840 letters were delivered by courier, couch, or a horse writer. The person who received the letter had to pay for the letter which depended on the number of pages and who much it had traveled.
  • Postal Services

    Postal Services
    In May 1840 Great Britain introduced the first prepaid stamp nationwide postal delivery service, with the Penny Black stamp (portrait of the young Queen Victoria) for letters under half an ounce and the Twopenny Blue stamp for letters over. Other countries soon copied this later.
  • United States Postal Service

    The United States introduced a limited postal service in August 1842 followed by a uniform 5 cents charge in 1845 and standardised stamps in 1847.
  • Present (Today)

    People write letters on paper with a pencil or pen. They put a stamp and address and return address and the name on the back of the envolope.They put it in a mailbox and the United States Postal Service sends it to the place that is written on the back.
  • Changing pen

    Changing pen
    The pen used in ancient times was made from wood, metal, or bone shaped to a point. They still used the same “paper”.
  • cotton paper

    About the 10th century came cotton paper which was in common use by the 12th century. They still used goose quill pens.
  • Future letter writing

    I think the future letters will be written on digital paper and sent in a digital envolope to the person it is wanted to be sent to.
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