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History of ID and Instructional Technology developments

By davyort
  • Jan 1, 600

    Quill from birdfeather introduced

    Quill from birdfeather introduced
  • Jan 1, 1436

    Printing Press invented by Johannes Guttenberg

  • Jan 1, 1564

    First pencils made near Keswick, England

  • First pencil eraser created by Edward Naime

    First pencil eraser created by Edward Naime
  • Nonelectric telegraph invented by C. Chappe

  • Carbon paper invented by P. Tarri

  • First ink pen patented in America

    First ink pen patented in America
  • First telegraph in USA created by H. Dyar

  • Penny Post available in England

    Penny Post available in England
  • Phonographic Correspondence Society Post in England

  • Language first taught by correspondence in Europe by C. Toussaint

  • External Programme established at University of London

  • Pony Express first founded by William H. Russell, William B. Waddell, and Alexander Majors

  • First practical modern typewriter inented by C. Sholes

    First practical modern typewriter inented by C. Sholes
  • Telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell

  • Society to Encourage Studies at Home founded by A.E. Ticknor in Boston, MA

  • University of Cape of Good Hope established

  • First telephone lime constructed from Boston to Somervill, MA

  • Skerry's College founded in Edinburgh, Brittian

  • Composition through post began in Sweeden

  • Chautauqua college of Liberal Arts founded in New York

  • First practical fountain pen patented by Lewis Waterman

    First practical fountain pen patented by Lewis Waterman
  • University of Wisconsin introduces "Short Courses"

  • University of Correspondence College founded in London

  • Colliery Engineer School of Mines in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania becomes ICS in 1899

  • International Correspondence Schools founded in Pennsylvania

  • University Extension Department at the University of Chicago was first to utilize mail in U.S.

  • Agricultural studies correspondence available at Pennsylvania State College

  • Moody Bible Institute founded

  • First school museum opened in St. Louis

  • Calvert School of Baltimore becomes first primary school in U.S. to offer correspondence courses

  • Extension courses in engineering offered at University of Wisconsin

  • Keystone View Company publishes "Visual Education" (a teacher's guide to lantern slides and stereographs

  • film began to be used for educaitonal purposes

  • First catalog of instructional films was published

  • Rochester NY public school system adops films for regular instructional use

  • Period: to

    Visual Materials (films, pictures, and lantern slides) used in education

  • Period: to

    Visual Instruction movement (Per Thomas Edison)

  • National University Continuing Education Association is formed

  • University of Cape of Good Hope changes name to University of South Africa

  • Penn State College broadcasts courses over radio

  • Vocational courses offered at Benton Harbor, MI

  • State of Iowa offeres five radio courses for credit

  • National Home Study Council formed

  • Correspondence with high schools at University of Nebraska

  • Experimental television teaching program developed at University of Iowa

  • Experimental television teaching program developed at Purdue University

  • Experimental television teaching program developed at Kansas State College

  • Creation of the Department of Visual Instruction (DVI)

  • State University of Iowa broadcasts television courses in oral hygiene and astronomy

  • First freely programmable computer invented by K. Zuse

  • Visualizing the Curriculum by C.F. Hoban Sr, C.F. Hoban, Jr., and S.B. Zissman

  • First ballpoint pen invented

  • Federal Government established the Division of Visual Aids for War Training

  • Period: to

    U.S. Army Air Force produced more than 400 training films and 600 filmstrips

    over 4 million showings of training films to U.S. military personnel
  • Period: to

    Instructional design developed by psychologists triaining military programs

  • University of South Africa begins nationwide distance education program

  • Ford Foundation begins offering grants to develop television educational programs

  • Cone of Experience by E.Dale

    Ability to present concepts in a concrete manner
  • Series of television teaching programs developed by Western Reserve University

  • FCC sets aside 242 television channels for educational purposes

  • Sunrise Semester program developed at CBS for New York University

  • First integrated computer chip

  • Instruction delivered via satellite technology

  • First computer game invented

  • Computer mouse invented

  • Nova University established

  • Carnegie Cooporation funds Atriculated Instruction Media project

  • Union for Research and Experimentation in higher Education established

  • University of Wisconsin begins statewinde telephone-based distance eduation program

  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting created non-comercial television

  • Stanford University creates Stanford Instructional Television Network

  • University of Nebraska develops Lincoln's Independent Study High School correspondence school that is university based

  • ARPANet created-original internet

  • First computerized telephone exchange patented by E. Schneider

  • First microprocessor invented by Intel

  • Ethernet computer networking established

  • First consumer computer available from IBM

  • Appalachian Education Satellite Project

  • University of Mid-America formed to produce and deliver courses via video

  • University of Phoenix, a for-profit institution opens

  • Period: to

    Cognitive and Constructivist learning theories begin having an impact on Instructional Design

  • First wordprocessing software introduces- WordStar

  • California College for Health Sciences offers courses for health care professionals

  • Learn Alaska educational satellite project created

  • First fiber optic communication system developed

  • First home computer introduced by IBM

  • National University Teleconference Network was established

  • MIDI (an acronym for "musical instrument digital interface) first available to the public

  • IBM creates Interactive Satellite Education Network

  • First home computer with a graphical user interface available

  • Control Data opens Plato Homelink

  • National Tech University opens

  • Microsoft Windows operating systems introduced

    Microsoft Windows operating systems introduced
  • TI-IN Network created in San Antonnio, TX for satellite high school course instruction delivery

  • First Internet delivered courses

  • University of Phoenix begins ist online program

  • Regent University offers first online Ph.D. in communication

  • Webquest model was developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University

  • JSTOR created by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

  • HorizonLive collaboration technology company is formed

  • Blackboard and other learning portals emerge onto market

  • eInstruction released its first fuly mobile interactive whiteboard known as the SchoolPad

  • Moodle was released by Martin Dougiamas

  • First podcast created by Christopher Lydon

  • HorizonWimba was developed by HorizonLive allowing for voice authoring technology

  • Youtube.com created for sharing original videos which can be used for distance education purposes

    Youtube.com created for sharing original videos which can be used for distance education purposes
  • Horizon Wimba acquired Brownstone and its question authoring and management tools, Diploma, used by all major text-book publishers

  • Apple releases first generation iPad with available education apps