• Robert Owen

    In the early 1800’s, Robert Owen (1771-1858) came up with the idea that if you treated your workers better, productivity and profit would increase. Owen stopped employing young children in his factories because he thought it unsafe for them. He also wanted his employees to stay clean and sober.
  • The Philosophy of Manufacturers - Andrew Ure

  • Knights of Labor

    The Knights of Labor were a movement that started in 1869. They were an organization much like labor unions that were founded later on. This group argued against the working conditions and unfair treatment of many workplaces around that time.
  • Scientific Management

  • Frederick Taylor

  • Mary Parker Follett

  • Frank & Lilian Gilbreth

  • Optimum Shovel

  • Max Weber- Buraucratic Organziations Approach

  • Henri Fayol

  • Classical School of Management

  • Elton Mayo

  • Period: to

    Elton Mayo - Hawthorne Experiment

  • Wagner Act

  • Group Dynamics

  • Douglas McGregor

  • Eric Berne

  • Carl Rodgers

  • Theory X and Y

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Conflict Management

  • W. Edwards Deming

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Results Only Work Enviourment (ROWE)