History of holocaust

  • Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany

    Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany
    Adolf Hitler rises to power and becomes prime minister
  • Period: to

    Years of the holocaust

    This is how long the holocaust lasted
  • Reichstag building is on fire

    Reichstag building is on fire
    Nazis set the reichstag building on fire. This is how Hitler got into power
  • jews start to leave

    jews start to leave
    jewish people start to leave for concentration camps
  • First concentration camp

    First concentration camp
    The first concentration camp was in Dachau, Germany. The people that were sent here were Jews, Jehovah's witnesses, Homosexulas, and Communists
  • Boycott

    The Israel Department Store Boycott. Hitler ordered a boycott on all jewish stores, banks,etc.
  • Jewish Persecution

    Jewish Persecution
    Jewish people are not allowed to have health Insurance
  • Nuremberg Law is Passed

    Nuremberg Law is Passed
    The Nuremberg Law is passed and consits of the following things:
    1. Jews can't have sexual intercourse with non-Jews
    2. Jews can't be German citezens
    3. Jewish people can't marry non-Jews
  • Munich Synagogue

    Munich Synagogue
    Munich Synogoug is destroyed
  • The Passports

    The Passports
    German and Austrian Jewish passports are stamped with the letter J
  • Deportation

    The Jews are deported to concdentration camps
  • Kristallnacht

    100 Jews were murderd,20,00 German and Austrian Jews were sent to camps, synogogues were destroyed.
  • Jews are fined

    Jews are fined
    Jews have to pay for the damage done on Kritalinacht
  • Yellow Star

    Yellow Star
    Jewish people in Poland had to wear a yellow star so people would know they're Jewish
  • Austria and Czech jews are deported

    Austria and Czech jews are deported
    Jewish people from Austria and Czechoslovakia were sent Poland
  • Jewish children expelled from schools

    Jewish children expelled from schools
    Jewish children are expelled from non jewish German schools.
  • New concentration Camp

    New concentration Camp
    A new camp in Aushwitz was opened
  • Warsaw ghetto

    Warsaw ghetto
    Warsaw ghetto in Poland has 400,000 jewish people. It was sealed and surrounded by a high wall
  • Foriegn Jews expelled from Sighet

    Foriegn Jews expelled from Sighet
    Foreigners are cramed into cattle cars by the Hungarian Police.
  • The Final Solution

    The Final Solution
    The final solution was that Hitler killed Jews and other races throughout Europe, to end jews.
  • The First Death Camp

    The First  Death Camp
    The first concentration camp was in Chelmno
  • Mass- Gassing

    Mass- Gassing
    The nass-gassing took place in Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • moishe the beedle returns

    moishe the beedle returns
    Moishe the Beedle returns to tell the Jews what happened to him and the rest of the people who left. No one will believe him and think he's gone mad.
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

    Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
    The Jews had to be deported to Treblinka and the ghetto had to be emptied. There was news for the ones who stayed in the ghetto that there was a mass killing
  • Fighting Back (Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)

    Fighting Back (Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)
    750 people decided to fight back and shoot Greman soilders because they were going to get deported. This happened for a month but they got captured and were killed or sent to death camps.
  • Death Camps Closed!!!

    Death Camps Closed!!!
    The death camps are being closed because the Russians are advancing.
  • Germans come to sighet

    Germans come to sighet
    German's come to Sighet with surprising Kindness
  • Leaders of jews arrested

    Leaders of jews arrested
    On the seventh day of passover the germans arrested the jewish leaders
  • Yellow star

    Yellow star
    jewish people in Sighet have to wear yellow star
  • More new Edicts

    More new Edicts
    Jews are not allowed to go to frequent restaurants,travel by rail, attend synogogue,or be out on the streets after six o'clock
  • The ghettos

    The ghettos
    Two Ghettos were created in Sighet. The large one occupied 4 streets and it was located in the center of town. The smaller one occupied a lot of alleyways on the outskirts of Sighet.
  • Transports

    Jews are getting ready to be transported
  • Elie leaves

    Elie leaves
    Elie laves with his parents and start marching for several hours withourt eating.
  • Auschwitz

    Elie and the people travel to Auschwitz. For the first few weeks he was okay but later on it became worse
  • Selection

    Elie passes the selection with his father
  • Gas Chambers

    Gas Chambers
    The gas chambers of auschwitz are used for the last time!!!!
  • Elie gets surgery

    Elie gets surgery
    Elie get's surgery on the foot because it has puss.
  • The Death March

    The Death March
    All of the death camps were closed and evidence of them was destroyed. The Nazis sent the Jews on a death march because they were so weak they would all die.
  • Elie's Father Dies

    Elie's Father Dies
    Eliezer wakes up to find another person in his fathers cot. His father was taken to the Crematorium.
  • Buchebwald is liberated

    Buchebwald is liberated
    Eliezer is free
  • Elie gets sick

    Elie gets sick
    Elie gets some form of poisoning and stays at thr hospital for two weeks.
  • Hitler Commits Suicide

    Hitler Commits Suicide
    Hitler was defeated so he commited suicide
  • Germany Surrenders

    Germany Surrenders
    Germany surrenders and the holocaust is over!!!!! :)