History of Hollywood

  • Colour in film

    The first feature length colour film was released in 1918 however colour in film was very rare back than and didn't become really populr until the 50s. The reason colour films were released was because Hollywood lost money because of the invention of the television.
  • Sound in cinema

    Because people started to think that russian film and cinema was better that hollywood, they invested a lot of money into putting sound into cinema. The first sound cinema was called the Jazz singer released in October 1927.
  • First run cinemas

    First run cinemas were owned buy the big 5 and the little 3, they were nicer than normal cinemas however they were more expensive than other cinemas. First run cinemas got the big films of the year before the normal cinemas.
  • Weekly cinema attendance in the US and UK

    In the year 1946 cinema in the US was very popular with an average of 95 million people going every week. In the UK the weekly average gor people going to the cinema was 31.5 million.
  • The Paramount decree

    The paramount decree was when the big 5 and the little 3 were no longer alout to uses vertical interigation. out of production, distrebution and exibition they no longer coverd exibition and had to sell the first run cinemas.
  • Average cinema atendance in the US and the UK

    With in 10 years weekly cinema atendance average had dropped rapidly in the US to 46.5 million . In the UK it had also dropped to 21.1 million.
  • Average weekly attendance in the UK

    The average cinema attendances in the UK to only 9.6 million people going each week.
  • Average cinema attendance in the US

    In the US the average cinema attendance dropped again to19.9 million people going each week.
  • Average weekly attendance for cinemas in the UK

    In the UK only over one million people went to the cinema each week. More people started watching films on TVs and useing a VHS.
  • multiplex cinema

    Multiplex cinemas started off in Canada with a cinema called Odeon Cinplex. The first Odeon Cinplex in England opend in 1988 with 28 screens.