History of Hair Straighteners

Timeline created by Hayley Tuckett
  • Mar 19, 1000

    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt
    Long, straight hair was popular in style in Egypt in ancient times. Women or men that were not lucky enough to be born with this hair type would heat flat iron plates in a fire and run over the hair shaft until smooth. The procedure would often cause severe burns to the face and hands.
  • First Straightening Mechanism

    First Straightening Mechanism
    The first Straightening Comb was invented by Marcel Grateau. This special hair tong was constructed to help get the kinks out of hair and flat metal plates were attached to two long handles. A hinge mechanism allowed the user to manipulate the conjoined handles to open and close the plates against each other. The hair ton was placed in hot ashes or a fire to raise the temperature of the metal plates and then used on the hair. Read more : http://www.ehow.com/
  • Second Straightening Mechanism

    Second Straightening Mechanism
    Isaac Shero invented a hair straightener that compriseed of two flat irons that were heated and pressed together.
  • Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield

    Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield
    Finally, Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield invented a flat model of ron was that most closely represents the flat irons we use today to straighten hair. This much more refined flat iron model consisted of a two-plated, heated iron that came together with a hinge in the middle.
  • Post 1970's Trend

    Post 1970's Trend
    In 1980, once the big, curly hair trend had ended and women were once again wearing their hair straight a further develop type of hair striaghtner evolved. Beauty companies caught onto the trend and began marketing products specifically designed to straighten hair. This mechanism was most safe and well developed as the hot plates were set inside plastic handles.
  • GHD

    The company GHD was founded and brought out their first hair straightners in 2001. The company was strated by a group of entrapenuers - Martin Penny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls. The company was based in Leeds, England. Like many successful entrepeneurs they reconigsed gap in the market and when his friend suggested he take a look at a new flat iron he had been sent from a South Korean inventor, Robert has his eureka moment.
  • Developed

    Iron plates were replaced with lighter metals and became ceramic or coated in titanium or gold. Temperature selectors allow adjustments in the amount of heat output, a feature that aims to protect fragile hair.
  • Hair Straighteners Today

    Hair Straighteners Today
    Ceramic hair straighteners are used across the world today and use ceramic material for their plates, which means they are safe and do not damage hair. Because ceramic plates lock in moisture, they also protect the color on your hair if you have treated your hair. The most common and widely used brand of hair straighteners today are made by the company GHD.