history of Forensic Science

  • Discovery of Forensic Science

    Many historians believe is the 16th century of earlier the concept of Forensic Science was discovered in a book titled Ming yuen shih lu.
  • the first use of fingerprints

    a merchant was able to catch a man who robbed his store based off a fingerprint he found on a piece of paper he had touched.
  • Creation of the first lie detector

    a California-based policeman and physiologist John A. Larson devised an apparatus to simultaneously measure continuous changes in blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate in order to aid in the detection of deception
  • first use of DNA profiling

    a woman was sexually assaulted and killed in England a man confessed to the crime but the police were not convinced so they approached a scientist who had previously discovered that DNA is different from person to person so using his knowledge he could prove the man who confessed was not the real criminal.