history of family surname

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  • early history of puckett mame

    early history of puckett mame
    Recorded in several forms including Puckett, Pockett, Pucket, Pocketts and the patronymic Puckey, this intriguing and uncommon name is of early English origins. It derives from the word "poque", meaning a purse or bag, and has at least two possible originations. Firstly it may be a metonymic occupational name for a maker or seller of bags, pouches or purses; or secondly, it may be a nickname for someone who habitually carried a distinctive bag or purse. www.surnamedb.com/surname/puckett
  • frist to come to the new world

    the frist puckett who arived in the new wrold arrived in virgina
    name was elinor puckett
  • personal sheild

    personal sheild
    Background color is blue for strength and loyalty
    the griffin for valiant soldier it is red it means military strength,warrior,martyr
  • what the old crest means

    what the old crest means
    the red mens military strength,worrior
    the gold means generosity and elevation of the mind