History of Family Guy

Timeline created by DaJoker
In Film
  • Premiered

    Premiered afther the Super Bowl XXXII
  • Period: to

    The begining

    When family guys creator Seth MacFarlane spent a couple of years trying to come up with money and Characters and scripts
  • Family guy aired 2001

    Family guy aired 2001
    Family guy was aired May 15 2001
    It was created by seth MacFarlne
  • DVD

    First family guy movie
  • Period: to

    CDs and Video games

    When family guy first selling of games and DvDs
  • The Video Game

    The Video Game
    The family guys very own video game
  • Star wars

    Star wars
    Started to make their star wars pardoy episodes
  • The books of Family guy

    The books of Family guy
    There 6 books were published
  • Won an emmy award

    Won an emmy award
    Won for greatest tv series
  • Spin off

    Spin off
    Clevlend show was made by mike henry
  • Another movie

    Another movie
    The movie of an hour special of and edit of the episode
  • Commercial

    Wheat thins commercial