History of Families and Family Resource Management

  • Period: to

    Industrial Revolution

    The world was changing at a rapid pace, and the Industrial Revolution only sped this up. Men and women were forced into different ways of influence; men were spending their time working and women gained more power in the household.
  • "The American Woman's Home"

    "The American Woman's Home"
    A book written by Catharine Beecher, "The American Woman's Home" was written as a training manual for women reviewing the duties of the home as well as training for other trades at that time.
  • Richards graduates

    Richards graduates
    Ellen Richards Swallows graduates from MIT after being the first woman admitted to the college.
  • New England Kitchen opens

    New England Kitchen opens
    Under the guidance of Ellen Swallow Richards, the New England Kitchen opened in Boston which provided working-class families with nutritious food, scientifically prepared at a low cost.
  • First Lake Placid conference

    First Lake Placid conference
    A conference which was attended by progressives which formed an interdisciplinary body of knowledge which became the home economics profession
  • Creation of American Home Economics Association

    Creation of American Home Economics Association
    The AHEA was created at the second Lake Place conference which determined that colleges and universities were to create courses of study beyond the current offerings of existing food preparation and house sanitation
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

    Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    The SNAP federal government program was a bill passed to help low income families and individuals purchase adequate food.
  • Loving versus Virginia

    Loving versus Virginia
    In the Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia, interracial marriage was made legal after laws against interracial marriage had been in place since the 1600s.
  • Name change

    Name change
    Five leading associates recommended changing the well-known name of "home economics" to "family and consumer sciences". The old title was too restrictive and overloaded with misinformation surrounding research, application, and curriculum. This was marked as the general changeover of the name.
  • The Family Medical Leave Act

    The Family Medical Leave Act
    US labor law passed to require quality employers to provide their employees with job-protected, unpaid leave for medical and family reasons