History of EME Creative

  • First College Bar Promotion: Seward, NE

    Curtis Bryant, a Houston, TX native, decided to attend Concordia University in Seward, NE. While attending the rural university, Curtis planned and executed a college bar promotion for Spare Times Bowling Alley/Lounge in Seward,NE. In order to attract students from Concordia University, Doane College, and York College, the promotion integrated an event marketing concept with e-mail, instant messaging, print, and word-of mouth marketing communication tactics. The success of this pre social media
  • The Transfer: University Of Nebraska- Lincoln

    Curtis transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to study Marketing and receive assistance from the Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • Sole Proprietorship: Eclectic Marketing & Entertainment

    Curtis founded Eclectic Marketing & Entertainment (the former business name of EME Creative). The company began as a sole proprietorship / college dorm room start-up. However, the company continued to successfully offered nonconventional marketing strategies and DJ entertainment to Nebraska college bars.
  • College Bar Clients

    From the spring of 2004 to the summer of 2007, the company had acquired 3 college bar clients in Lincoln, NE- Main St. Downtown Bar, and Dillinger’s.
  • Aha! Moment: Warren Buffet & Bill Gates Go Back to School Forum

    The Warren Buffet & Bill Gates Go Back to School forum was a question-and-answer session between Buffett and Gates and University of Nebraska College of Business Administration students from Buffett's alma mater. UNL faculty members selected Curtis to be 1 of about 75 CBA students to directly question Buffet & Gates. The direct contact with two of the world's most successful business leaders motivated Curtis to press on with the development of his business plan.
  • First Office: Downtown Lincoln, NE

    EME moved into a cozy office located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s 3 blocks away for the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. Go Big Red!
  • New Business Classification: S-Corporation

    The company transitioned form a sole proprietorship to the S-Corporation- Thicket Inc.
  • Name Change: EME Creative

    The name Eclectic Marketing & Entertainment was changed to EME Creative. As the scope of the company continued to mature, the name and tagline: “EME Creative- Strategically Uncommon” was formed to represent the company’s evolving vision, services, and culture.