History of elements

By cris_J
  • Henick brown

    Henick brown
    Henick brand discovers phosphorus while trying to turn urin into gold.
  • Carbon dioxide

    Carbon dioxide
    1754 joseph black sets out to find a cure for kidney stones. The test ended up with carbon dioxide that put out a flame .
  • Element discoveries

    Henry Cavendish discovers hydrogen in 1766 and Daniel Rutherford discovers Nitrogen 1772.
  • Carbonation in water

    Joseph Presley discovers bubbles on top of the beer brewer and discovers carbonated water.
  • 9 New gasses

    9 New gasses
    Joseph Priestley discovers 9 New gasses including Nitrous Air, Diminished Nitrous Air, Nitrous Vapor, Marine acid air, alkaline air and others
  • oxygen

    Antoine Lavoisier announces at the eastern meeting off academy of scientist he discovers oxygen,
  • Davy discovers potassium

    Davy discovers potassium
    Davey conducts experiments with dry ash first and then adds little water to make it moist and ends up discovering potassium.