history of education

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  • Period: to

    history of education

  • Period: to

    american colonial period

  • horn book

    horn book
  • dame schools

    dame schools
  • Period: to

    american early national period

  • benjamin franklin

    benjamin franklin
  • thomas jefferson

    thomas jefferson
  • common schools

    common schools
  • McGuffey Readers

    McGuffey Readers
  • horace mann-father evolution

    horace mann-father evolution
  • friedrich frobel

    friedrich frobel
  • Period: to

    american common school period

  • normal schools

    normal schools
  • morril act

    morril act
  • Period: to

    american progressive period

  • maria montessori

    maria montessori
  • smith hugh act

    smith hugh act
  • Period: to

    the great depression

  • john dewey

    john dewey
  • dick and jane readers

    dick and jane readers
  • national defense education act of 1958

    national defense education act of 1958
  • Howard Gardener

    Howard Gardener