The Notebook Timeline

  • Allie and Noah Meet

    Just after graduation 1932, Allie and Noah meet at the Neuse River Festival.
  • Period: to

    Noah and Allie Fall in Love and Spend the Summer Together

    After they first meet, Noah and Allie spend every day together. They soon become inseperable and fall completely in love. They happily spend the summer together.
  • Allie Leaves New Bern to Go Home

    Allie only was staying in New Bern for the summer because of her father's job. Now that the summer is over, she must return home to her normal life. Allie and Noah promise to stay in touch.
  • Period: to

    Noah Writes Allie a Letter Every Day for a Year

    Every day for a year, Noah writes Allie a letter. 365 letters later, Noah still recieves no response.
  • Period: to

    Allie and Noah lose touch. They go about their separate lives, volunteering at different places and getting new jobs and things to keep them occupied.

    Allie never gets the letters that Noah writes her. She thinks that he has forgotten about her and starts her life again. Noah thinks that same thing after recieving no response from Allie. He throws himself into work and volunteering and tries to forget about her.
  • Period: to

    Noah Fights in World War II

    After not hearing back from Allie, Noah goes into work in a few different companies. When the war starts in December 1941, he goes to fight a month later. He is there for three years.
  • Allie Meets her Fiance, Lon

    Allie never recieved the letters from Noah. Assuming that he's forgotten about her and moved on, she decides to do the same and gets engaged to Lon Hammond, a powerful attorney.
  • Allie and Lon Announce Engagement

    Allie and Lon are officially getting married. Allie gets really stressed out by the wedding plans.
  • Noah Buys the Plantation Home and Begins the Restoration

    After recieving a large check from one of his previous employers after their death, Noah buys a Plantation house and begins to fix it up to restore it to its previous glory.
  • Allie Sees Article About Noah

    Allie is getting ready one morning when her parents show her an article about Noah and the restoration of his plantation house. She is overcome with a longing to go visit him and see him again in New Bern.
  • Allie Drives to New Bern to Visit Noah

    Overcome with longing, Allie goes to New Bern to visit Noah again.
  • Lon Suspects Allie's Visit

    Allie told Lon she was going to New Bern to go look for antiques and to de-stress from all the wedding plans. After she leaves, Lon remembers Allie's mother telling him about how she used to be in love with someone from there.
  • Noah and Allie Fall in Love Again

    After spending a few days with each other, Allie and Noah know that they are true soulmates and are destined to be together. The only problem is that Allie is engaged to a different man that she loves.
  • Lon Comes to Get Allie from New Bern, Allie's Mom Comes to Warn Her

    Lon drives down to pick Allie up from New Bern after suspecting that she's seeing her old flame there. Allie's mother knows about it and gets to Noah's house to alert Allie before Lon arrives.
  • Allie Picks Noah over Lon

    Allie leaves Noah to meet Lon but realizes that truly, she is meant to be with Noah.
  • Noah Closes the Notebook

    The whole book was Noah reading the story of his and Allie's love out of a notebook that he wrote after Allie was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
  • Allie Doesn't Remember Noah Most Days

    Because of her disease, Allie barely remembers Noah and when she does, it's only for short periods of time. Most of the time she is scared and lonely.
  • Noah Kisses Allie and She Remembers

    Noah kisses Allie for the first time since Allie's disease got very bad and she remembers him again. They die together.