History of Education

  • 1636

    The first Harvard College was established.
  • 1817

    The first school for the deaf was established in Hartford, CT.
  • 1821

    The first public school in Boston was established.
  • 1837

    Horace Mann accepted the Secretary of the State Board of Education in Massachusetts position. He won the support of schools because of the diversity of race and religion.
  • 1867

    The Indian Peace Commission was established. It helped deculturalize policies through reservations and education.
  • 1887

    The Dawes Act was established. The Dawes Act is the dissolving of tribal land and establishing boarding schools for Native Americans.
  • 1963

    The case School District of Abington
    Township v. Schempp went to court. This case was about the state ending Bible reading and prayer in public schools.
  • 1965

    The Elementary and Secondary
    Education Act was established. This act helped provide Title 1 money for disadvantaged students.
  • 1975

    The Education for All Handicapped
    Children Act was established. This act is when a school provides special education services.
  • 1983

    The Nation at Risk was established. A report came out and it said that America's educational system was failing to educate students. The Nation at Risk recommended that all states adopt new standards and become more rigorous in their teaching.