History of Drawing by Mia Nelson

Timeline created by Malachi Roldan
  • 30,000 BCE

    Pre-historic paintings

    Pre-historic paintings
    People have been drawing since the beginning of their time. Early drawings were scratched, carved or painted onto tools.
  • 3,000 BCE

    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt
    On walls of temples or tombs, Egyptians carved or painted scenes of their daily life, hieroglyphics, or religious gods/goddesses
  • -800 BCE

    Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece
    Many ancients Greeks would decoratively draw or paint scenes of battles or myths on vases.
  • 400

    The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages
    Drawing in the Middle Ages were mostly used to express religious messages and stories from the Bible. Drawing in this time were also used as the predatory stage in creating a painting.
  • 1300


    Artwork in the Renaissance period began to look more like today's modern work. Art was more important, and students began to learn the different forms of art. Artists and scientists were also concerned about creating realistic depictions of the natural world.
  • The Baroque Period

    The Baroque Period
    This period introduced more realistic drawings and paintings using water color and ink washes, including open composition. People also used sketchbooks, a portable pad of paper that allowed artists to draw more realistic drawings of landscape. Art was appreciated more, and led many more people to explore the world of art.
  • Rococo Period

    Rococo Period
    A period that began in the 1700s, in which artwork was very ornamental and theatrical.
  • 1800's and 1900's

    1800's and 1900's
    This period explains how art forms and drawings advanced. Pencils were now made, and became the most preferred drawing tool very quickly. Different styles of different artists were shown with their own way to show movement and express themselves. This time period also led to many more movements in art, like Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, and Fauvism.
  • Fauvism

    This style of art emphasizes on using strong, bold colors. Also, the word "Fauves" is a French word for "the wild beasts"
  • Expressionism

    A style of art that expresses emotional experience rather than an imitation of the external world
  • Period:
    30,000 BCE

    History of Drawing by Mia Nelson