History of Dodge Trucks

  • First 1914 Dodge Brother Pickup

    First 1914 Dodge Brother Pickup
    The Dodge brothers used to work for Henry Ford but then left to make their own company. This was their first truck that they made
  • 1946 Dodge Powerwagon

    1946 Dodge Powerwagon
    This year of trucks was mostly used as farm vehicles
  • 1989 Dodge Ram Pickup

    1989 Dodge Ram Pickup
  • 2008 Dodge Pickup

    2008 Dodge Pickup
    In this year they introduced the mega cab. The mega cab has a smaller bed area but has more space on the inside
  • 2011 Dodge Outdoorsman

    2011 Dodge Outdoorsman
    The 2011 Dodge Outdoorsman introduced the full fourdoor longbed or mega cab with ram boxes .